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General Information

Scourges are very powerful enemies that terrorize the wilderness along with their allies. They are generally intended for groups of various sizes. Currently, Scourges are found in the Plateau of Gorgoroth, Eryn Lasgalen and the Dale-lands, Ered Mithrin Resource Instances, and Mordor Besieged.

In characteristics, they combine aspects of Warbands and Roving Threats. Like Warbands, most Scourges travel with allies, and mitigate most of their incoming damage until those allies are defeated. Like Roving Threats, most appear at locations chosen randomly at the daily quest reset time from a few possible spots.

Scourge defeats are rewarded by Landscape quests, which are bestowed upon any appropriately-levelled player who gets close to the Scourge. (Note: the quest must be accepted and the player must contribute damage or assistance in some form before the Scourge falls in order to receive rewards!) The reset period for these quests varies by region.

A few other tidbits about Scourges:

  • Scourges are open tapping enemies, meaning that any player who contributes to the defeat of the Scourge can receive credit.
  • Scourges take about five (5) minutes to respawn once defeated.

The Plateau of Gorgoroth Scourges

Scourge Area Locations* Notes
Nuzdum (quest) Udûn [40.8S, 3.9E]
[39.6S, 6.8E]
[45.6S, 7.3E]
Warg, with warg pack
Rotwing (quest) Dor Amarth [50.9S, 8.8E]
[50.9S, 12.6E]
[43.9S, 17.3E]
[47.4S, 20.0E]
fell beast, with Black Númenóreans
Gristlebite (quest) Lhingris [49.4S, 4.5E]
[51.4S, 4.0E]
[60.6S, 10.9E]
Spider, with spiders
** in Kâm Lagúrz, east from the Dath Nethryn entrance
Spitpyre (quest) Talath Úrui [52.9S, 14.4E]
[57.0S, 15.9E]
[61.7S, 15.8E]
[62.5S, 25.5E]
[60.8S, 26.3E]
Bolvág the Cursed (quest) Agarnaith [56.1S, 24.7E]
[52.5S, 25.5E]
[47.0S, 33.5E]
Troll, with abomination orcs
Uiliúr (quest) Talath Úrui [58.7S, 20.7E] Caerog
must complete other scourges quests to unlock

* The five main Scourges, excepting Uiliúr, may sometimes spawn in each other's locations (that is, Bolvág can spawn in Talath Úrui, Nuzdum in Dor Amarth, etc.). They are not necessarily bound to the area of Mordor specified by their corresponding quest title.

Eryn Lasgalen and the Dale-lands Scourges

Scourge Area Locations Notes
Urdâr (quest) The Dale-lands [20.8N, 24.7W]
[23.3N, 27.4W]
[15.2N, 22.8W]
Jangovar, with battle-cats
Kalabrazân (quest) The Dale-lands [20.8N, 24.7W]
[23.3N, 27.4W]
[15.2N, 22.8W]
[17.5N, 23.5W]
[22.7N, 28.3W]
Black Númenórean, with spirits
Gloomthorn (quest) Eryn Lasgalen [15.4N, 43.1W]
[16.0N, 36.2W]
[20.9N, 43.2W]
[16.9N, 47.9W]

Ered Mithrin Scourges

All Scourges in Ered Mithrin are located in the resource instance versions of the given area, not the landscape version; each instance will only spawn one of its two scourges daily.

Scourge Area Locations Notes
Shákoth (quest) Glimmerdeep [32.0N, 136.4W] Orc
Marzlok (quest) Glimmerdeep [31.2N, 136.4W] Troll
Bánbros (quest) Óinsbridge [30.4N, 48.4W] Ungoladan
Bráthadan (quest) Óinsbridge [30.4N, 48.4W] Ungoladan
Hládek the Hoary (quest) Thikil-gundu [24.7N, 136.0W] Wight
Lúbtul (quest) Thikil-gundu [24.1N, 136.3W] Orc archer, stealthed
Héolka (quest) Withered Heath [43.6N, 35.5W] Snowbeast, atop the anvil
Káldbak (quest) Withered Heath [43.2N, 33.9W] Drake, accompanied by drakelings

Mordor Besieged Scourges

Scourges in Mordor Besieged are the nine Nazgûl during the Second Age.

Coordinates Directions / Description
[97.5S, 118.0W] The Witch-king of Angmar (quest) (fellowship)
[94.8S, 125.0W] The Cursed Rider (quest) (small fellowship)
[94.0S, 120.0W] The Black Blade of Lebennin (quest) (small fellowship)
[96.6S, 120.3W] The Gloom of Nurn (quest) (small fellowship)
[98.0S, 129.0W] The Woe of Khand (quest) (small fellowship)
[100.0S, 131.0W] The Grim Southron (quest) (small fellowship)
[94.0S, 122.0W] The Bane of Rhûn (quest) (small fellowship)
[97.0S, 114.5W] The Forsaken Reaver (quest) (small fellowship)
[94.5S, 116.0W] The High Sorcerer of Harad (quest) (small fellowship)