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Open Tapping

Open Tapping Tool-tip
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Open Tapping allows unfellowed players to all get credit for a Creature defeat.

  • This applies to all Rohan creatures including: Warbands, creatures in Rohan Endgame content, named Rohan quest creatures, and creatures in areas (such as epic related creatures in the East Wall) that might produce bottle-necks if one needed to wait for re-spawns.

Open Tapping means that anyone who contributes to defeating a creature, whether they were the first one to strike or the last, whether they were grouped in a fellowship or not, gets credit when that creature is defeated. Contributing is defined as having done damage to the creature or healed someone who has done damage to the creature. When the creature is defeated, if you are within a reasonable range, you will get credit for the defeat. Simply being part of a fellowship will not get you credit on an open tapping creature -- you must have participated in the battle and defeat.

Everyone on a creature’s contribution list will get full credit for having defeated it; it is not split amongst the number of contributors. If one person contributes or twenty do, everyone receives the full reward. Rewards are not split, so every contributor will receive quest advancement, experience, quest items, and loot as if they were the only one who had defeated the creature.

Open tapping means no more fighting over spawns. It means no more waiting for the next wolf to appear so you can tag it to get quest or slayer deed credit. It means no more penalties for helping someone who is engaged in a battle. It means a more social and fluid questing experience where players are encouraged and rewarded for helping one another.

In order to get credit for an Open Tapping mob defeat, you (or your pet) must directly damage the mob OR you (or your pet) must heal a player that is already on the creature’s contribution list.

  • Buffs, debuffs, and taunts will not place you on the mob’s contribution list.
  • If a fellowship member is on a creature’s contribution list, you will NOT automatically be placed on the contribution list or receive credit for the creature, even if you are within range of the combat.
  • If the creature resets, the contribution list will be cleared.

Once you are on a creature’s contribution list, you will receive credit for the creature’s defeat (xp, reputation gain, and remote loot) regardless of your fellowship status when the creature dies.

Q: What's to stop someone from running through an area and tagging a bunch of creatures and getting full credit for them when all they did was one hit?
A: Nothing, except that you have to be in the area to get kill credit and it will take more time to sit there and wait for people to be tackling a whole bunch of creatures and then go ping them than it would to just kill the mob yourself.

When a creature has Open Tapping enabled, by definition it will also have Remote Looting enabled. If a creature has Open Tapping enabled, this will be indicated on the creature’s vital display. A change in this display to green swords (see the illustrations above) indicates that you are now on the enemy’s contribution list and will get credit for its defeat.


Everyone gets loot off the Open Tapped creature as if they killed that creature solo. So if a creature has a 15% chance to generate a hide, it now has a 15% chance to generate a hide per person.
See Remote Looting for details.

Update 8.1 Notes

  • Update 8.1 did make some significant changes: Update 8.1 :
". . . while in a fellowship/group, your nearby group members will get full credit whether or not they have contributed in any useful manner. It is our hope that even with this change that is being made to help people avoid having to change their play style from the old world,. . ."
  • In all of Middle Earth the XP penalty for helping a player who is fighting a tapped creature is removed.
Now, helping someone who is fighting a tapped creature will just be a nice thing to do. The player originally attacking the creature will no longer be penalized by the assistance.
  • We are trivializing the XP that purple (or impossible) creatures give a player. As these are creature that should be impossible for you to kill anyway this shouldn’t impact the average player much. We’re doing this to help players resist the temptation to tackle creatures well beyond their levels with the ‘help’ of friends due to the changes above.