Sûri-kylä Skirmish Camp

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Sûri-kylä Skirmish Camp
Type: Skirmish Camp
Region: Forochel
Area: Jä-rannit
Settlement: Sûri-kylä
Location: [19.7N, 70.4W]
Sûri-kylä Skirmish Camp.jpg

Sûri-kylä Skirmish Camp is just east of the entrance to Sûri-kylä, in Forochel. [19.7N, 70.4W]

For other camps and more information, see Skirmish Camp.


Starry night sky over the camp
  1. [20] Skirmishes -- Reporting In
  2. [20] Skirmishes


NPC Function Coords
LossothM.png Uolevi Skirmish Captain [19.7N, 70.4W]
LossothF.png Meeri Skirmish Trainer [19.7N, 70.4W]
LossothM.png Samppa Skirmish Exchange [19.7N, 70.5W]
LossothM.png Untamo Classic [19.8N, 70.5W]
ElfF.png Gwelwen Cosmetics [19.8N, 70.5W]
Dwarf.png Frei Strongshield Crafting [19.7N, 70.4W]
ElfM.png Torveldir Curiosities [19.7N, 70.4W]
Dwarf.png Gudbrand Jewellery and Cloaks [19.8N, 70.4W]
LossothF.png Inka Provisions [19.8N, 70.4W]
LossothM.png Jerë Light Armour [19.8N, 70.4W]
LossothM.png Sullo Medium Armour [19.7N, 70.5W]
LossothM.png Hannu Heavy Armour [19.6N, 70.4W]
HobbitF.png Dora Proudfoot Weapons [19.7N, 70.4W]
HumanF.png Mithril Trader Mithril Trader [19.7N, 70.4W]