River Outpost

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River Outpost under the Standard of the Free Peoples
River Outpost
Type: Plains
Region: Ettenmoors
Area: Hithlad
Location: [18.4S, 20.1W]


River Outpost, [18.4S, 20.1W]

River Outpost is One of Five Ettenmoors Outposts that are part of Monster Play in Ettenmoors. Control of two of these outposts allows the faction, Creep or Freep, access to The Delving of Frór.




Map of Ettenmoors Topographic map of Ettenmoors

Monster Play

All outposts "begin" under the control of Gaergoth the Unbound’s forces from within the Delving of Frór. These forces will reclaim those outposts every 6 hours after last capture.

These neutral forces will allow players or monster players to capture the location; controlling 2 or more of each of these locations will permit access to the Delving of Frór for your faction. When captured, the location becomes the province of the controlling force for a period of six hours. At the end of this time the outpost is returned to neutral control under the forces of the Rogmul Gaergoth the Unbound .

When neutral they appear as red flags; when controlled by the Free Peoples, blue trees; and when controlled by Angmar, a red and yellow eye.


When neutral, this location will be "patrolled" by Morraval types. Control is obtained by defeating the Moss-patch Elder in command and claiming the Standard of Gaergoth.

When under control of the Free Peoples, control is obtained by defeating the Captain-General in command and claiming the Standard of the Free Peoples.

When under control of the Army of Angmar, control is obtained by defeating the Tyrant in command and claiming the Standard of Angmar.

Tyrant in command
Moss Patch Elder in command
Captain-General in command
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