Quest:Mission: Respite in Zarkul-sulûn

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Mission: Respite in Zarkul-sulûn
Level Scaling
Type Solo
Repeatable Yes
Starts with Vorthur Smokebreath
Starts at Akrâz-zahar
Start Region Erebor
Map Ref [14.7N, 136.1W]
Quest Group Mission: Kharum-ubnâr
Quest Chain Kharum-ubnâr Missions
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

'I have a new mission for you, <name>.

'After Hrímil Frost-heart sealed the gates of Mount Gundabad, the victory we sought was stolen from us! Prince Durin has handled himself in the manner of his station, but I know he feels this setback as keenly as any other dwarf. Some of the soldiers at Zarkul-sulûn have begun to doubt in our cause and they might soon fall to despair. You are a storied <class>, so I am told. Will you speak to them on behalf of the Prince?

'Travel to Zarkul-sulûn and do what you can to ease the minds of our soldiers.'

Objective 1

As the War of Three Peaks drew near its end, the Dwarves of the Gabil'akká suffered a sudden, terrible setback. Before the final effort is made to breach the gates of Gundabad, the dwarves must resist falling to despair and overcome their doubts.

Your mission is to raise the spirits of disheartened soldiers of the Gabil'akká at Zarkul-sulûn and help them overcome thoughts of despair.

Sacrificial (Twist)-icon.png Twist: Sacrificial

Objective 2

You have completed your mission.

You should talk to Vorthur Smokebreah at Akrâz-zahar.

'Thank you, <name>!

'Hrímil may have slowed us down, but victory will still be ours!'