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  • Allows execution of recipes requiring an Oven.


Coming close enough to an Oven this effect will be applied to a Cook.

Crafting Facility

Cooks use an oven in order to prepare Apprentice, Journeyman, and Expert Recipes. To view these recipes check the Cook Recipe Index. Everything that can be done at an Oven can also be done at a Superior Oven.


Region Location
Angmar Aughaire
Bree-land Bree (several)CombeStaddle
Ered Luin CelondimCrafting Hall (Thorin's Gate)DuillondGondamonThorin's Hall - The Maker's Hall
Evendim Ost ForodTinnudir (Keep)
The North Downs EsteldínTrestlebridge
The Lone-lands Ost Guruth
The Shire BrockenboringsBudgefordBywaterMichel Delving's Craft-fairThe Party Tree
The Trollshaws The Hall of Fire in Rivendell Valley