Orc Camp

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Orc Camp
Type: Orc Camp
Region: Ettenmoors
Area: Coldfells
Location: [17.0S, 18.6W]
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Orc Camp is a camp of Orcs located in the Coldfells. It is the westernmost command post of the Army of Angmar and serves as a base for their scouts. The Orcs will retreat here if Tol Ascarnen falls.



Old Orc Camp

With the Riders of Rohan expansion, the Orc Camp and it's counterpart the Elf Camp were moved from their original locations to either side of Tol Ascarnen. Prior to the expansion, Orc Camp was located adjacently to WTAB, and the area around there is sometimes still referred to as Orc Camp or Old Orc Camp by experienced players. [16.0S, 15.3W]