Tyrant Uzulthrang

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Tyrant Uzulthrang
Faction Creep
Location Orc Camp
Map ref [17.1S, 18.6W]
Race Uruk
Type Quest
Difficulty Arch-nemesis
Level 150
Morale 5,939,406
Power 375,000


Tyrant Uzulthrang is located in the Orc Camp that lies in the Steps of Gram area of the Ettenmoors, to the east of Tol Ascarnen. He will only be there when the nearby island fortress is controlled by the Coldfells Army. Monster Players can enlist the Tyrant's help in assaulting the castle.

Quest Involvement




Tyrant Uzulthrang can fight his way through Tol Ascarnen without aid, reaching Captain-General Mákan's room effortlessly. He will be defeated by the Captain-General if he receives no assistance, though.


Tyrant Uzulthrang can apply the following buff effects to himself:


Tyrant Uzulthrang can apply the following debuff effects to his target(s):


Uzulthrang is not to be messed with. At first glance, it unclear who he hates more; the Free Peoples or the maggots serving the Army of Angmar. It soon becomes clear, however, that this Uruk is unfailingly loyal to the Dark Lord, and uses every ounce of his indeterminable strength and skill to fight the enemies of Sauron. Perhaps for this reason, he is not given command of a strategic point in the Ettenmoors, rather he is sent around the land, organising the attack when the Free Peoples gain ground, determined to throw them back to the lands from whence they came.