NPC Novice Metalsmith

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This page is used by all Novice Metalsmith vendors.

Novice Metalsmiths sells materials and tools to Metalsmiths, as well as recipes below Artisan level.

NPC Location Region
Bill Digweed Combe Crafting Hall Bree-land
Mosco Bracegirdle Buckland Bree-land
Tom Thornwell Three-farrow Crafting Hall Bree-land
Anorthint Celondim Ered Luin
Ekkill Thorin's Hall - The Forging Hall Ered Luin
Gestur Thorin's Gate, Crafting Hall Ered Luin
Harthgríp Gondamon Ered Luin
Cotman Gamgee Oatbarton Evendim
Fina Swarbrick Ost Forod Evendim
Sadie Marshbanks Tinnudir (Keep) Evendim
Novice Metalsmith Trestlebridge North Downs
Roddan Craft-hall of Esteldín North Downs
Cotman Brown Michel Delving's Craft-fair The Shire
Isengar Bolger Budgeford The Shire
Moro Brockhouse Brockenborings The Shire
Uffo Bracegirdle Bywater The Shire
Dringlinn The Forges of Rivendell Trollshaws

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