MMO Player's Guide to LOTRO

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Trying to keep this page facts only and keep the opinions here.

Lotro WoW EQ2
Realm types PvE, RP & MP[1] PvE, RP, PvP[2] PvE, RP, PvP[2]
Characters per realm 5-9[3] & 6[1] 10 7[4]
Level 50-130[3] 60-85[3] 50-90[3]
Number of Classes 7-9[3] & 6[1] 9-10[3][5] 24
Number of Races 4 & 4[1] 8-10[3] 19
Character options skills, traits, stats skills, talents, glyphs, stats skills, achievements, stats
Conjunctions Yes No Yes
Titles Yes Yes Yes
Accomplishments Yes[6] Yes[7] Yes[8]
Reputation Yes Yes Yes
Lotro WoW EQ2
Groups Fellowship Party Group
Group size 6 players 5 players 6 players
Player Organization Kinship Guild Guild
Raid size 6/12/24 (4 fellowships) 10/25/40 (8 parties)[9] 12/24 (4 groups)[10]
Instances Yes Yes Yes
Player vs Player (PvP)
Player vs Player PvMP[1] PvP PvP
Factions Yes[11] Yes[11] Yes[11]
Rankings Yes Yes Yes
Lotro WoW EQ2
Weapons, Armor, and items
Durability Yes Yes, Percent[12] Percent[13]
Enhancements Legendary Items Sockets, Enchants Adornments
Dyes Yes No No
Cosmetic Outfits Yes Yes[14] Yes[15]
Game Play
Quests 7000+ 5000+ 7000+
Auction House Yes Yes Broker
Professions 10 10 & specializations 9 & 2 secondary
Professions allowed 3 2 & 3 secondary 1 & 1 secondary
Music Yes No No
Fishing Yes Yes Yes
Emotes Yes Yes Yes
Housing Yes No Yes
Mounts Yes[16] Yes[17] Yes[18]
Lotro WoW EQ2
  1. a b c d e Monster Play
  2. a b Also mixtures of each
  3. a b c d e f g Depends on expansion owned.
  4. 7 total across all worlds. A maximum of 12 is available for members of Station Access
  5. All classes got 3 different talents tree. Making it possible to specialize the classes to play different roles in parties(group).
  6. Deeds
  7. In the form of Achievements
  8. As of "Sentinel's Fate" Expansion; In the form of Achievements
  9. Even though the maximum raid size is 40, the PvE part of the game is done with either 10 or 25 players (2 and 5 parties respectively)
  10. Earlier raids support a small 12 man raid group
  11. a b c LOTRO: Free Peoples vs Army of AngmarWoW: Horde vs Alliance — EQ2: Qeynos & Kelethin vs Freeport & Neriak vs Kunark (also Exile)
  12. 10% durability loss upon death, with exception of a few items.
  13. 10% or 5% damage upon death (depends on item type). Some skills may absorb hits in exchange for shield damage.
  14. But it's in form of a buff made from using a special consumable item.
  15. Similar to the Lotro system, however there are slots for weapons as well.
  16. First mount at level 20, more mount options arrive after level 35.(The Loot Bag includes a horse which is ridable at level 15, however Founders can buy the level 20 pony at level 15)
  17. First mount at level 20, a faster one at 40 and flying ones at 60, 70 and 77.
  18. Mounts are usable at level 1, however the price is high and most of the mounts require a specific guild level to be purchased.