Knocked Down

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Knocked Down
  • Knocked to the ground and cannot move or act.
  • Duration: 3s

Effect Information

This effect can appear as part of a stun or daze effect from a Creature or Mob. It is automatically followed by  Temporary State Immunity.

It can also be inflicted when the player is hit many times by a Perfect Snowball in the snowball fight during the Yule Festival. See the item page for details.

Skill Relationship

Some of the skills that can invoke this effect on an enemy target (unless immune) include:

  • Beorning:
 Takedown gained by traiting Takedown: duration 5s, 1 target.
 Rush will knock down the target if Lumber is traited.
  • Brawler:
 Mighty Upheaval (50% chance to appy): duration 2s, 1 target.
  • Hunter:
 Tripwire: duration 5s, 1 target.
  • Warden:
 Ambush (including Snap Shot version): duration 5s, 1 target.