Goblin-town Quests in Order

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Goblin-town Quests In Order

This guide describe Goblin-town-related quests sorted to streamline required travelling. Which is also very much in the order they are encountered if following the suggested sequence of locations listed below.

Almost all quests start at various locations outside Goblin-town. Initial quests start in Rivendell and Vindurhal. Many start at Northern High Pass Camp, just outside the main entrance. And a few start at the Slave Pens, not far inside the main entrance. See each quest's walk-through for tips.

Good luck and lots of fun!

Bilbo Baggins, in the Hall of Fire in the Last Homely House

Nogmeldir in Vindurhal in Northern High Pass

  • The quest-chain Dire Pack Quests - make sure you have completed it before you start the Goblin-town quests.

See Directions for navigation tips within Goblin-town.

Annonated map over Goblin-town

Glóin at Northern High Pass Camp outside Goblin-town

Slave Pens

Complete quests, return to Glóin, and pick up quests.

Goblin Tunnels (second level)

Slave Pens

War Steadings

Slave Pens


Slave Pens

Goblin Town (third level)


Gollum's Cave

Goblin-town Throne Room / Great Goblin's Den

Slave Pens