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Image of Faramir
Title Prince
Gender Male
Race Man
Region Morgul Vale
Area Rath Dúath
Map Ref [65.0S, 4.1E]


Faramir, son of the Denethor and Captain of the Rangers of Ithilien, made a Prince of Gondor after the end of the war, has led a band of his Rangers and others into Imlad Morgul to capture Minas Morgul and clear the valley of evil.

Quest Involvement


Faramir (T.A. 2983 – F.O. 82) was a wise man of nobility and the second of Denethor's two sons. As the Captain of the Rangers of Ithilien (as well as the Captain of the White Tower after his brother's death) during the War of the Ring, he had the strength belonging of his Númenórean ancestors, whose blood ran true in him, to reject the Ring without temptation—where else his brother, Boromir, could not. [1]