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  • Dyes can be used to change the colour of your equipment.
  • You can apply dyes directly to your equipped armor, or you can apply them to items in your Wardrobe or Vault.
The Wardrobe allows you to save all dye colors applied to any piece of equipment, otherwise, only the specific item is dyed.
To dye an item in your Wardrobe, simply right click on the dye pot and then left click on the item you wish to dye.
  • The Dressing Room is used to check the colour effect on your equipment before using any dye.
ctrl + left-click on an equipment item to open your Dressing Room.
You can then preview any colour from the drop-down menu available.
Note: Some items cannot be dyed (example: the Rise of Isengard pre-order cosmetics). If an item cannot be dyed, you will not be able to change the drop-down menu for that item slot.
  • The primary source of dye is the Scholar crafting profession. A scholar can create dyes once they have learned a recipe for the particular dye colour and acquire the necessary components.
A few dyes are awarded as quest rewards. Dyes are also frequently available in the Auction House.

Dye Options

Ranger Green
Ranger Green-icon.png
Dark Green
Dark Green-icon.png
Forest Green
Forest Green-icon.png
Rivendell Green
Rivendell Green-icon.png
Sea Blue
Sea Blue-icon.png
Ered Luin Blue
Ered Luin Blue-icon.png
Evendim Blue
Evendim Blue-icon.png
Steel Blue
Steel Blue-icon.png
Violet (Colour)-icon.png
Indigo color-icon.png
Sienna color-icon.png
Umber color-icon.png
Walnut Brown
Walnut Brown-icon.png

Dye Chart by tier

  • All dye ingredients are rare items from their respective fields and resource nodes, except for Yarrow Root-icon.png  Yarrow Root , Woad Plant-icon.png  Woad Plant and Indigo Plant-icon.png  Indigo Plant , which are themselves resources found around the world.
Example: a strawberry field will always produce a strawberry crop, but will rarely produce the juicy strawberry needed for red dye. Well-tended fields from critical farming successes increase the chance for rare items.
Black dye is a critical success from the rust dye recipe unless you have the Supreme tier improved black dye recipe from the Scholar's Guild.
Dye Colour Dye Recipe Dye Critical Dye Ingredient Acquisition
Apprentice Scholar (T1)
Sienna color-icon.png Sienna Dye Sienna Dye Recipe 3 Sienna Dyes Piece of Sienna Copper Deposit
Gold-icon.png Gold Dye Gold Dye Recipe 3 Gold Dyes Yarrow Root Yarrow Root Resource Node /
Wild Flower Field
Journeyman Scholar (T2)
Grey-icon.png Grey Dye Grey Dye Recipe 3 Grey Dye Iris Root Iris Field /
Wild Flower Field
Olive-icon.png Olive Dye Olive Dye Recipe 3 Olive Dyes Pile of Copper Salts Copper Deposit
Umber color-icon.png Umber Dye Umber Dye Recipe 3 Umber Dyes Piece of Umber Barrow-iron Deposit
Expert Scholar (T3)
Navy-icon.png Navy Dye Navy Dye Recipe 3 Navy Dye Woad Plant Woad Plant Resource Node /
Wild Flower Field
Turquoise-icon.png Turquoise Dye Turquoise Dye Recipe 3 Turquoise Dyes Bluebottle Petal Bluebottle Field /
Wild Flower Field
Violet (Colour)-icon.png Violet Dye Violet Dye Recipe 3 Violet Dyes Juicy Blackberry Blackberry Field
Artisan Scholar (T4)
Burgundy-icon.png Burgundy Dye Burgundy Recipe 3 Burgundy Dyes Amaranth Petal Amaranth Field /
Wild Flower Field
Dark Green-icon.png Dark Green Dye Dark Green Dye Recipe 3 Dark Green Dyes Onion Skin Green Onion Field
Evendim Blue-icon.png Evendim Blue Dye Evendim Blue Recipe 3 Evendim Blue Dyes Bluebottle Petal &
Indigo Plant
Bluebottle Field /
Wild Flower Field &
Indigo Plant Resource Node /
Wild Flower Field
Forest Green-icon.png Forest Green Dye Forest Green Recipe 3 Forest Green Dyes Onion Skin &
Lily-of-the-Valley Leaf
Green Onion Field &
Lily-of-the-Valley Field /
Wild Flower Field
Indigo color-icon.png Indigo Dye Indigo Dye Recipe 3 Indigo Dyes Indigo Plant Indigo Plant Resource Node /
Wild Flower Field
Master Scholar (T5)
Orange-icon.png Orange Dye Orange Dye Recipe 3 Orange Dyes Bloodwort Root Bloodwort Field /
Wild Flower Field
Red-icon.png Red Dye Red Dye Recipe 3 Red Dyes Juicy Strawberry Strawberry Field
Rivendell Green-icon.png Rivendell Green Dye Rivendell Green Dye Recipe 3 Rivendell Green Dyes Onion Skin &
Pile of Copper Salts
Green Onion Field &
Copper Deposit
Rust-icon.png Rust Dye Rust Dye Recipe Black-icon.png Black Dye Pile of Ancient Iron Oxides Ancient Iron Deposit
Sea Blue-icon.png Sea Blue Dye Sea Blue Dye Recipe 3 Sea Blue Dyes Woad Plant &
Bluebottle Petal
Woad Plant Resource Node /
Wild Flower Field &
Bluebottle Field /
Wild Flower Field
Supreme Scholar (T6)
Crimson-icon.png Crimson Dye Crimson Dye Recipe 3 Crimson Dyes Juicy Strawberry &
Piece of Sienna
Strawberry Field &
Copper Deposit
Ered Luin Blue-icon.png Ered Luin Blue Dye Ered Luin Blue Dye Recipe 3 Ered Luin Blue Dyes Woad Plant &
Indigo Plant
Woad Plant Resource Node /
Wild Flower Field &
Indigo Plant Resource Node /
Wild Flower Field
Purple-icon.png Purple Dye Purple Dye Recipe 3 Purple Dyes Juicy Elderberry &
Indigo Plant
Elder Field /
Wild Flower Field &
Indigo Plant Resource Node /
Wild Flower Field
Ranger Green-icon.png Ranger Green Dye Ranger Green Dye Recipe 3 Ranger Green Dyes Lily-of-the-Valley Leaf &
Piece of Umber
Lily-of-the-Valley Field /
Wild Flower Field &
Barrow-iron Deposit
Rose-icon.png Rose Dye Rose Dye Recipe 3 Rose Dyes Juicy Strawberry &
Amaranth Petal
Strawberry Field &
Amaranth Field /
Wild Flower Field
White-icon.png White Dye White Dye Recipe 3 White Dyes Chunk of Lime Khazâd Skarn Deposit
Yellow-icon.png Yellow Dye Yellow Dye Recipe 3 Yellow Dyes Yarrow Root &
Saffron Thread
Yarrow Root Resource Node /
Wild Flower Field &
Saffron Field /
Wild Flower Field
Westfold Scholar (T7)
Eastemnet Scholar (T8)
Westemnet Scholar (T9)
Walnut Brown-icon.png Walnut Brown Dye Walnut Brown Dye Recipe 3 Walnut Brown Dyes Walnut Walnut Branches Resource Node
Steel Blue-icon.png Steel Blue Dye Steel Blue Dye Recipe 3 Steel Blue Dye Bluebell Bulb Bluebell Field
Dye Wash Vendor Tailor &

Dye Gallery

Note: dye colors can look very different on different armour pieces. You can preview how any dye will look on a particular item by using the Dressing Room function, accessed by CTRL + left-clicking on that item, then choosing what dye colour you want to see in the drop down menus shown there.

Rose-icon.png Rose Violet (Colour)-icon.png Violet Indigo color-icon.png Indigo Purple-icon.png Purple
Cloak Rose.jpg Cloak Violet.jpg Cloak Indigo.jpg Cloak Purple.jpg
Navy-icon.png Navy Evendim Blue-icon.png Evendim Blue Ered Luin Blue-icon.png Ered Luin Blue Sea Blue-icon.png Sea Blue
Cloak Navy.jpg Cloak Evendim Blue.jpg Cloak Ered Luin Blue.jpg Cloak Sea Blue.jpg
Turquoise-icon.png Turquoise Dark Green-icon.png Green Forest Green-icon.png Forest Green Rivendell Green-icon.png Rivendell Green
Cloak Turquoise.jpg Cloak Dark Green.jpg Cloak Forest Green.jpg Cloak Rivendell Green.jpg
Olive-icon.png Olive Ranger Green-icon.png Ranger Green Yellow-icon.png Yellow Gold-icon.png Gold
Cloak Olive.jpg Cloak Ranger Green.jpg Cloak Yellow.jpg Cloak Gold.jpg
Orange-icon.png Orange Red-icon.png Red Crimson-icon.png Crimson Burgundy-icon.png Burgundy
Cloak Orange.jpg Cloak Red.jpg Cloak Crimson.jpg Cloak Burgundy.jpg
Sienna color-icon.png Sienna Rust-icon.png Rust Umber color-icon.png Umber Walnut Brown-icon.png Walnut Brown
Cloak Sienna.jpg Cloak Rust.jpg Cloak Umber.jpg Cloak Walnut Brown.jpg
White-icon.png White Grey-icon.png Grey Black-icon.png Black Steel Blue-icon.png Steel Blue
Cloak White.jpg Cloak Grey.jpg Cloak Black.jpg Cloak Steel Blue.jpg
Cloak Washed.jpg

Dye Gallery 2