Celondim's Crafting Terrace

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Celondim's Crafting Terrace
Region: Ered Luin
Area: Celondim
Location: [28.2S, 92.7W]
Celondim Crafting.jpg

Celondim's Crafting Terrace is the craft-fair for Celondim. [28.2S, 92.7W]

The Crafting Terrace is located above Celondim, embedded and sheltered in a terrace at the hill-side. Even higher up is found a Vault-keeper, and even further up are a Novice Farmhand and Farmlands. Adventurers seeking a crafting vocation are directed to speak to the Master of Apprentices, Golphedinir. Craftsmen and craftswomen can learn and advance their crafting skills at the forge, workbench, and the oven. Altogether this is a good location for fledgling crafters.



Kitchen & Library
NPC Function Coords
Supplies and Services
ElfM.png Aglallen Supplier [28.2S, 92.8W]
ElfF.png Miluiel Provisioner [28.2S, 92.8W]
ElfF.png Celebeth Vault-keeper [28.0S, 92.9W]
ElfF.png Gwenhíril Clerk of Kinships [28.2S, 92.9W]
ElfM.png Taidelen Escrow Broker [28.0S, 92.9W]
Crafting NPCs
ElfM.png Golphedinir Master of Apprentices [28.2S, 92.7W]
ElfM.png Curubrannon Master of Crafting Guilds [28.2S, 92.7W]
ElfF.png Faengamil Novice Cook [28.2S, 92.8W]
ElfM.png Haldan Novice Jeweller [28.2S, 92.7W]
ElfM.png Anorthint Novice Metalsmith [28.3S, 92.7W]
ElfF.png Thavroniel Novice Scholar [28.1S, 92.7W]
ElfM.png Cannasgam Novice Tailor [28.2S, 92.7W]
ElfF.png Dantlassil Novice Weaponcrafter [28.3S, 92.7W]
ElfF.png Lendaellin Novice Woodworker [28.2S, 92.7W]
ElfM.png Bregedúr Quest [28.2S, 92.7W]
ElfF.png Gwaloth Quest [28.1S, 92.7W]



Introduction Quests Superior Facility Access Guild Introduction


Farmland in Celondim