Sammath Gûl

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Sammath Gûl
Level: 65 - 150
Size: Fellowship
Cluster: Tower of Dol Guldur
Region: Mirkwood
Area: Dol Guldur
Location: [13.5S, 42.1W]

"Sammath Gûl are the chambers once occupied by the Dark Lord Sauron in the guise of the Necromancer of Mirkwood. Stained by his presence, few now dare enter here..."

Sammath Gûl is a 6-man instance in Dol Guldur.


All quests in Sammath Gûl are fellowship quests.
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Level Name Difficulty Species Morale
67 Urchír Shade Nemesis 197.600
67 Alagossír Shade Nemesis 197.600
67 Gorothúl Angmarim Nemesis 222.300
67 Demafaer Shade Nemesis 98.800


Level 105

All Chests

Challenge Chest only

Level 85

Gear (Dol Guldur shared)



Level 65

This instance rewards with Medallions of Dol Guldur, 3rd age legendary weapons, relics and settings. If you complete it in hard mode, you will earn more medallions. There are also some items that will drop:
Level 65 loot


Translated from Sindarin, Sammath Gûl means 'Chambers of Necromancy'.