Quest:Stolen Supplies

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Stolen Supplies
Level 114
Type Solo
Starts with Rhadrog
Starts at Agarnaith Ranger Camp
Start Region Agarnaith
Map Ref [56.5S, 27.0E]
Ends with Faeron
Ends at Viznak's Hideout
End Region Agarnaith
Map Ref [50.0S, 28.2E]
Quest Group Mordor: Agarnaith
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Something must have been watching us and stole our supplies while we were gone! I cannot find any footprints in the mud, so it must be someone, or something, small and...'

Rhadrog interrupts himself with a sudden coughing fit.

'Ugh. I'm fine, truly. See if you can find the thief's trail nearby. It could not have gone far.'


While out scouting, someone rifled through the Ranger camp and stole all of Rhadrog and Faeron's supplies. Follow the trail and track down the thief.

Objective 1

  • Find the first clue
  • Find the second clue
  • Find the third clue
  • Find the fourth clue

A thief stole supplies from the Agarnaith Ranger camp and fled into the swamp.

You should follow the thief's trail.

STOLEN BOOT "The other boot is nowhere to be found.
A lone boot rests on the path
DROPPED DAGGER "This appears to have been stolen from the Ranger camp, but left behind.
A dagger was left behind here
EMPTY SACK "This sack has been emptied
An empty sack lies in the road
PARTIALLY-EATEN LOAF 'Something took a bite out of this
Someone took a bite out of this loaf and then discarded it

Objective 2

  • Confront the thief

The trail has led you to a young goblin standing by the path.

You should confront the thief.

Faeron says, 'Psst... Distract him!
Viznak: 'Hmm? You follow me?! Your stuff mine now! Not giving back!'
Faeron says, 'Got you!'
Faeron says, 'You're not going anywhere until you return our supplies, thief. I suggest you be quick about it.'
Viznak says, 'Too late! Your stuff hidden now! You never find it without me! Won't help you anyway, I know how to stop sickness, you don't! Green-cloak guy not looking so good, is he? Hehehe!'
Faeron says, 'What did you say?! Speak!'
Viznak says, 'You better let me go, or I tell you nothing!'
Faeron says, 'Confound it! He leaves us no choice. Have it your way, goblin filth. But this I vow: run, and I will hunt you down.'
Viznak says, 'Oooo, so scary! I'm out of here! Hahaha!'
Faeron says, 'Ugh! After him!'

Objective 3

  • Find the thief

The goblin thief has run east, deeper into the swamp.

You should chase after the thief!

You see the goblin being stuffed into a sack and carried away by an Orc
Infected Ambusher says, 'Sacrifice...'

Objective 4

  • Defeat infected ambushers (0/3)

While chasing the goblin thief, you were ambushed by crazed Orcs.

You should defeat your ambushers!

Objective 5

  • Find Viznak's hideout

The goblin has been carried off, but Rhadrog seems to have found his hideout nearby.

You should find Viznak's hideout.

Rhadrog says, 'Over here! I found something!'
Faeron says, 'Ah, good work, Rhadrog. This must be that scamp's hideout.'
Rhadrog says, 'Thanks, but what happened to the thief? I thought you had cornered him... I suddenly feel a bit ill...'

Objective 6

  • Talk to Faeron

Faeron can be found at Viznak's hideout.

You should talk to Faeron.

Faeron: 'That troublesome goblin! This thicket must be where he lives. Thankfully, Rhadrog was keen-eyed enough to find this place before his ailments worsened. I'm afraid he doesn't look well now.'