Quest:The Court of Seregost -- Tier 1

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The Court of Seregost -- Tier 1
Level ...
Type Small Fellowship
Starts with Autobestowed
Starts at The Court of Seregost
Ends with Autocompletes
Quest Group The Court of Seregost
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

"Deep in the heart of Seregost, Lhaereth the Stained prepares to unleash a second Great Plague upon the realms of Men. Any hope of thwarting her lies on the intrepid few, led by rangers Rhadrog and Faeron, who have gained entry to her doorless keep."


Deep within Seregost, Lhaereth the Stained keeps her plague cauldrons. They contain a new, more virulent Great Plague, which she intends to release upon the realms of the Free Peoples. As you and the Rangers Faeron and Rhadrog are the few resistant to the plague, you must enter the Court of Seregost together and attempt to disrupt Lhaereth's plans.

Objective 1

Disrupt Lhaereth's plans to distribute the Great Plague.

Faeron shouts, "Be on your guard, friends. We know not what awaits us."
Rhadrog shouts, "That Uruk did say this place was guarded by Lhaereth's deadliest spawn..."
Kulgrú, Mistress of the Household shouts, "Brother, it seems you have failed in your task! We have uninvited guests!"
Gorkasak, Captain of the Guard shouts, "Perhaps you should get to YOUR task then, Sister! Entertain them!"
Kulgrú, Mistress of the Household shouts, "Must I do everything?"
Gorkasak, Captain of the Guard shouts, "If you insist, we shall do this together!"
Gorkasak, Captain of the Guard says, "For Lady Lhaereth!"
Kulgrú, Mistress of the Household says, "Allow me some revelry, brother!"
Gorkasak, Captain of the Guard shouts, "You are in my domain, now!"
Kulgrú, Mistress of the Household shouts, "Ahh, the comforts of home!"
The Morroval Twins have been defeated!
Faeron shouts, "Excellent work! The Throne room must be ahead."
Rhadrog shouts, "I wonder if Lhaereth is home."
Faeron shouts, "We are about to find out."
Lhaereth the Stained shouts, "Five brave little mice scamper into the cat's den. Brave, foolish little mice."
Lhaereth the Stained shouts, "I'm afraid I have no time to play with you. My great plague is finished, and it is time to rain death upon my enemies."
Lhaereth the Stained shouts, "Dulgabêth, my dear? Come out and deal with these pests."
Dulgabêth the Broken shouts, "Mrrrrrrnnnn..."
Rhadrog shouts, "Is that the Mouth of Sauron? What happened to him?"
Faeron shouts, "I believe that is the price you pay for displeasing The Lady of Blight."
Rhadrog shouts, "If she did that to an ally, I shudder to think about what she has planned for us!"
Dulgabêth the Broken says, "Mrrrrrgh!"
Dulgabêth the Broken says, "Hisss!"
Dulgabêth the Broken says, "Mmmuuuuugh..."
Dulgabêth has been defeated!
Faeron shouts, "We must move quickly and stop her from releasing her plague!"
Rhadrog shouts, "There must be a way forward behind the throne!"
Faeron shouts, "Indeed there is, and it descends..."
Rhadrog shouts, "Why does that make me more nervous?"
Rhadrog shouts, "Ugh. That's a familiar stench. These must be the dreaded Plague Pits."
Zhólug shouts, "No! You no pass! Mama busy!"
Zhólug shouts, "I said no! Going to smash you to bits!"

Your mighty blow defeated the Zhólug.

Lhaereth the Stained shouts, "Persistent little mice, aren't you? As you wish. Come and face my wrath!"
Lhaereth the Stained shouts, "You struggle against the very hand of fate, fools. I will have my justice. Gondor will pay for Sauron's death, and you can do nothing to stop me!"
Lhaereth the Stained shouts, "Come, my pets! My greatest work is ready!"
Faeron shouts, "Rhadrog and I will engage her and do what we can to delay her. You must destroy the cauldrons before her bats can release the plague!"
Rhadrog shouts, "We'll handle Lhaereth! Destroy the Cauldrons!"
Lhaereth the Stained says, "Let us dance, mortals!"
Lhaereth the Stained shouts, "No!"

Lhaereth's plans have been disrupted!

Lhaereth the Stained shouts, "All my plans, all my plague, undone! But I am not finished, oh no."
Lhaereth the Stained shouts, "I promise you this: when you think your battles won, when you think your loved ones safe, when the horrors of Seregost are a faded memory and I am but a lingering nightmare, THEN I will come for you."
Lhaereth the Stained shouts, "And yours will be a slow and painful death."
Lhaereth the Stained shouts, "Goodbye. And sweet dreams!"
Rhadrog shouts, "Well, that was ominous."
Faeron shouts, "Indeed. But at least for the time being, the realms of Men are safe. "