Quest:Scout the Swamp

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Scout the Swamp
Level 114
Type Solo
Starts with Faeron
Starts at Agarnaith Ranger Camp
Start Region Agarnaith
Map Ref [56.5S, 27.0E]
Quest Group Mordor: Agarnaith
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Agarnaith, the Bloody Gore.

'The Nurnhoth we have spoken to in Udûn are terrified of this place. They mention a stronghold called Seregost, the Blood Fort, but we do not know where it is or what lies within. The secrecy around here is as thick as the fog rolling off the swamp.

'Rhadrog and I are about to depart on our first scouting pass and could surely use another set of eyes. Primarily, we're looking for a safe path deeper into the bog.'


After arriving at the Agarnaith Ranger camp, Faeron of the Grey Company asks for your help in scouting the unknown wilds of Agarnaith, the Bloody Gore.

Objective 1

  • Scout the first location
  • Scout the second location
  • Scout the third location
  • Scout the fourth location
  • Scout the fifth location

Faeron and Rhadrog have asked for your help scouting the southern wilds of Agarnaith.

You should scout locations on the southern edge of the swamp.

As you head north, the foliage begins to thicken
The path splits here. You can continue north or head east
Heading east toward the third location
An Uruk fort guards the path deeper into Agarnaith
Returning to the path then heading north east:
There is no path in this direction, but it seems dry enough to continue
Heading west back to the path:
From here, the path leads into Dor Amarth and to the ruins of Barad-dûr

Objective 2

  • Complete: Flora Collection
  • Complete: Fauna Collection

Faeron and Rhadrog have asked for your help scouting the southern wilds of Agarnaith.

You should complete Rhadrog's tasks in southern Agarnaith.

 Objective 3

  • Meet up with Faeron and Rhadog near the Ranger Camp

Faeron and Rhadrog should now be returning to the Agarnaith Ranger Camp.

You should meet up with Faeron and Rhadrog.

Faeron says, 'I seriously hope you didn't breath in any of those spores.'
Rhadrog says, 'How was I to know it would explode like that? It's just a mushroom. I'm sure I'll be fine.'
Faeron says, 'You should take something, just to be safe...'
Faeron says, 'Wait. Our medicines appear to be missing!'
Rhadrog says, 'All the food is gone as well! Someone sacked our camp!'
  • Return to Faeron and Rhadrog

Objective 4

  • Talk to Faeron

Faeron can be found at the Agarnaith Ranger Camp.

You should talk to Faeron and deliver your scouting report.

Faeron: 'More complications? Though I did not expect an expedition into Mordor to be simple. Tell me what you saw while scouting.'
You explain to Faeron that the foliage quickly grows dense as you move north, that the animals are diseased and feral, and that an Uruk Fort guards the only clear path deeper into Agarnaith.
'Aye, that matches what we have seen as well. Also, the plant life is trying to kill us.'
He grimly nods towards Rhadrog.
'This place reminds me much of Agamaur, but far more alien and deadly. We must tread carefully.'