Quest:Assault on Kala-gijak

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Assualt of Kala-gijak
Level 114
Type Solo
Starts with Parsâ-dhug-Bhêr
Starts at Bhol Rûdh
Start Region Agarnaith
Map Ref [54.6S, 32.1E]
Quest Group Mordor: Agarnaith
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

Meet my warriors outside Kala-gijak. They are brave and fierce. Ready to fight. Do as you say with honour.'


The Drúedain of the Red Sky Clan are prepared for battle. Meet Faeron and Ghai-buri-Sêk outside Kala-gijak to begin the assault.

Objective 1

  • Go to Kala-gijak

Kala-gijak can be found in eastern Agarnaith.

You should go to Kala-gijak.

Arrived at Kala-gijak

Objective 2

  • Talk to Faeron

Faeron and the Red Sky Clan warriors are outside Kala-gijak, preparing to attack.

You should meet up with Faeron.

Faeron: 'Aha, <name>, just in time. My preliminary scouting has revealed some holes in Kala-gijak's defences. Exploit them, and we can win this battle with minimal casualties.
'I have noticed that the gate on this side is poorly guarded. They must be expecting that, if the forces of the west come, it would be from Dor Amarth. On top of that, discipline is lax. There are few offices in the lower barracks keeping the grunts in line. They are drunk and distracted; a perfect place to strike.
'Here is the plan: get in there and do some strategic damage. They will be confused and slow to mobilize. After that we storm in and take out their leader, Brogmaush. It will be over before they know what happened.'

Objective 3

Kala-gijak can be found in eastern Agarnaith.

You should complete missions for Faeron in Kala-gijak.

Objective 4

  • Talk to Faeron

Faeron and the Red Sky Clan warriors are outside Kala-gijak, preparing to attack.

You should talk to Faeron.

Faeron: 'Excellent work! Now that they are in chaos, we attack their leader!'

Objective 5

  • Defeat Brogmaush

Brogmaush can be found in the upper barracks of Kala-gijak.

You should defeat Brogmaush with the aid of Faeron and Ghai-buri-Sêk.

Faeron and the Drúedain charge into Kala-gijak!
Faeron says, 'Now is the time to strike! Attack!'
Faeron says, 'Attack!'
Brogmaush says, 'Come and die, fools! For the Lady of Blight!'
Defeated Brogmaush
Faeron says, 'The battle is won! We are returning to Bhol Rûdh. Meet us there.'

Objective 6

  • Talk to Faeron

Faeron and the Drúedain have returned to the village of Bhol Rûdh.

You should talk to Faeron.

Faeron: 'Wonderful, <name>. We have surely secured the Red Sky Clan as our allies. They are indeed fierce warriors, to take on an Uruk fort and suffer so few casualties. We must not tarry here long, however. We need to gather more information on Seregost and report back. Speak to Parsâ-dhug-Bhêr and see what else she knows.'

Objective 7

  • Talk to Parsâ-dhug-Bhêr

Parsâ-dhug-Bhêr can be found in the village Bhol Rûdh.

You should talk to Parsâ-dhug-Bhêr.

Parsâ-dhug-Bhêr; 'With the gorgún gone, my people are safer. You are a worthy friend. I will tell you of Seregost.'
'The mountain erupted and we were returned to our homeland, but found it changed: foul, sick, cursed. Corruption spreads through the river-water of Chaydash. We followed the river to its spring and found a giant castle. Seregost is the source.
'The Orcs captured some of my people and the winged demons take them to Seregost. They are never seen again. We hear they are sacrifices for the Lady of Blight. That is all I know.
'This Lady of Blight is our enemy. She must be killed to restore our homeland, but we need wings to enter Seregost.'