Quest:Signs of Trouble

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Signs of Trouble
Level 70
Type Solo
Starts with Limfind
Starts at Haldirith
Start Region Great River
Map Ref [21.4S, 63.5W]
Ends with Renfaer
Ends at Thinglad
End Region Great River
Map Ref [23.7S, 62.8W]
Quest Group Thinglad
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Noriel has gone off into the woods once again to investigate more signs of trouble, and she would like you to do the same by helping our scout, Renfaer, to the south. He saw animals and birds fleeing, and we want to know why.

'What do you say, <name>? You seem a helpful sort of <race>, and a stout fighter from what I have heard. He went south-east only a little while ago.'


You have been asked to go back into the woods of Thinglad to investigate more signs of trouble, now that the Rohirrim have departed.

Objective 1

Thinglad's scout can be found south-east from Haldirith.

Limfind has asked you to find and help the scout Renfaer.

Limfind: 'Renfaer headed south-east to follow signs that animals were fleeing that part of the woods.'
Renfaer: 'Greetings to you, <name>. Now that the Rohirrim are gone, it would seem that we have enemies at our doorstep, and not just mere trespassers.
'I have spotted signs of Orcs and Wargs, newly moved into this part of the woods.'