Quest:Instance: A Reasonable Request

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Instance: A Reasonable Request
Level 70
Type Solo
Starts with Wynmar
Starts at Thinglad
Start Region Great River
Ends with Noriel
Ends at Thinglad
Quest Group Thinglad
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

"Wynmar, struck by the beauty of Noriel, wishes to look upon the Elf one last time before accepting his people's banishment from Thinglad by its Elven sentinels."


Wynmar has begged you to let him see Noriel one last time to make a gift of flowers.

Objective 1

  • Show Wynmar the ruins of Haldirith on the path ahead

Wynmar has followed you to Haldirith and stands beside you now.

You should talk to Wynmar.

Wynmar: 'Ah! Hidden Dwimordene-ruins! My men and I have surely walked by this spot a score of times and never saw this place.
'What sorcery conceals the lovely Noriel and her folk from our eyes? Thank you for leading me to this place before our banishment from Thinglad, <name>.'
Wynmar cannot believe his eyes at the sight of Haldirith, home of the Elven sentinels of Thinglad
Wynmar says, "Perhaps it is the magic of the Dwimordene that makes Noriel so fair, and her sword-skill so sharp!"
Wynmar says, "Please come, <name>; I must see her one last time before I abide her wish and leave this forest."
Wynmar says, "How did she bewitch me so?"

Objective 2

  • Escort Wynmar to Haldirith

Wynmar followed you to Haldirith and seeks a final word with Noriel.

You should escort Wynmar to Haldirith.

Thinglad Sentinel says, "Hold, trespasser!"
Wynmar says, "I mean no harm!"
Limfind says, "Trespassers are not welcome in Thinglad. You have already been warned once, Wynmar of Stangard."
Ninil says, "<name>, surely you had a reason for showing this outsider to our keep...."
Ninil says, "What motivated this unexpected visit?"

Objective 3

  • Tell Ninil why Wynmar begged to come

Ninil is outside of Haldirith, waiting to speak with you.

Ninil: 'You tell Ninil that Wynmar wishes more than anything to speak with Noriel before leading his people from Thinglad for good.'

Objective 4

  • Tell the Elves why you have brought a trespasser to the Elf-keep'

Noriel is at Haldirith.

Ninil says, "Ah...I believe I understand."
Ninil says, "Limfind, where is Noriel?"
Noriel says, "I am here."
Limfind says, "You have leave to speak, Wynmar, but then you must go."

Objective 5

  • Talk to Noriel

Noriel is at Haldirith.

Noriel: You explain to Noriel that Wynmar has been intent on seeing her again since their last meeting.
'This is folly, <name>! I do not think you were right to bring this stranger to our hidden keep, no matter what the reason.'
Noriel sighs and shakes her head slightly

Objective 6

  • Observe the meeting of Wynmar and Noriel

Noriel and Wynmar are at Haldirith.

Wynmar says, "Fair lady, I wish to apologize for my people's invasion of your land."
Wynmar says, "But...truth be told, that is not why I asked to be brought here."
Wynmar says, "Ever since we met, I have yearned to meet you again."
Wynmar says, "I -- I cannot stop thinking about you."
Noriel says, "Horse-rider, please --"
Wynmar says, "I am called Wynmar."
Noriel says, "Wynmar, Horse-rider, Trespasser, whatever you are called...."
Noriel says, "...I thank you for your help earlier, but you must leave immediately."
Wynmar says, "Wait! I think I am in love with you!"
Wynmar says, "I do not know what to do, Noriel."
Wynmar says, "It is strange, I know, but no woman has ever struck my heart so!"
Noriel says, "This is foolish! Your people are the enemies of mine. Dwimordene you call us...."
Noriel says, "I do not know what madness has possessed you, but I do not wish to be involved."
Noriel says, "Now, you must leave this place, Wynmar of Stangard."
Wynmar says, "Say no more, lady. You speak true."
Wynmar says, "I...will abide your wish. The Men of Stangard will trouble your woods no more."

Objective 7

  • Talk to Noriel

Noriel is at Haldirith.

Noriel: 'How infuriating, <name>! I did not ask for this foolishness. Bah, let him return to his home. I am sure he will forget all of this soon enough, the foolish Man.'
Noriel: 'You do not...think I was too hard on him, do you? But I had to be firm -- under no circumstances would an Elf of this age choose to love a mortal Man...would she? His life will be as fleeting as a single breath.'