Quest:Scouts on the Move

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Scouts on the Move
Level 70
Type Solo
Starts with Wynmar
Starts at Thinglad
Start Region Great River
Map Ref [23.8S, 59.8W]
Ends with Rothulf
Ends at Thinglad
End Region Great River
Map Ref [23.9S, 59.9W]
Quest Group Thinglad
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Please, <name>, you must tell me more of Noriel. I would give anything to see her again. I have never seen a maiden so fair nor so bold.

'Do you think her brethren would let me approach their keep again, so that I could speak with her one last time? I am loath to leave these woods!'


With Wynmar distracted by his admiration for Noriel, Rothulf is deeply concerned about the movements of Orcs on the fringes of the camp.

Objective 1

  • Talk to Rothulf, who seems to have something important to tell you

Rothulf stands near Wynmar at the southern Rohirrim camp.

Wynmar is distracted by his love for Noriel, but Rothulf has asked for a word with you.

Wynmar: 'Alas, alas! Why cannot our folk be friends?'
Rothulf: 'Wynmar has been like this ever since his first encounter with that woman. I think she has bewitched him!
'He pays no mind to the strange sightings and sounds; I have a bad feeling, <name>. I feel that we are being hunted as we move south....'

Objective 2

  • Defeat any threats to the Rohirrim's camp (0/5)

Rothulf suspects that a threatening presence can be found around Wynmar's camp in the south of Thinglad.

You should search for and defeat any threats to the Rohirrim hunters.

Objective 3

  • Stop the scout's leader form sounding the alert

A hardy leader of the Orc-scouts' initiative is likely somewhere near Wynmar's camp.

You should try to defeat the scouts' leader before he can alert the attackers of the Rohirrim's whereabouts.

Orc-scout: 'Trying to stop us from spreading the word of your little camp, are you?
'Cursed <race>, the Orcs will feast upon the flesh of Man tonight!'
Orc-scout says, "You cannot stop the Orcs. We will wipe out the horse-men and all who interfere!"
Orc-scout says, "Fool! The Orcs will come...."
The scout has escaped...this does not bode well for the Rohirrim

Objective 4

  • Return to Rothulf with news of the Orc-threat

Rothulf is in Wynmar's camp in southern Thinglad.

You should return to Rothulf with the dire news of the escaped scout.

Rothulf: 'Orc-scouts surrounded us? That is dire news -- and more dire that one escaped, and our leader is hopelessly bewitched. What are we to do?'