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Image of Wynmar
Role Combat
Gender Male
Race Man
Level 70
Difficulty Signature
Morale 13,500
Power 1,169
Region Great River
Area Thinglad
Map Ref [20.4S, 63.8W]


Wynmar can be found at the Rohirrim Camp in Thinglad. He is the leader of a band of Hunters from Stangard that has come to Thinglad in hopes of settling there. However, the Elves of Lórien see this as trespassing their lands and initially attempt to chase the Hunters away from the forest by relying on the myths and dark tales the Rohirrim (who call the Silvan Elves Dwimordene and their Queen, Galadriel, the Witch of the Golden Wood) have created about them. After this ploy fails, the Elves kindly request them out of their lands, which Wynmar considers, but refuses to do so, since one of his hunters, Dunstan, has gone missing. It is then revealed Orcs have crept down the Mountains and are invading Thinglad, much to the Elves' displeasure.

After an ensuing skirmish in which Noriel and the Player are rescued by the Horse-lords and discover the Missing Hunter dead, Wynmar becomes smitten with Noriel and is ensnared by her beauty, so much that he is distracted from his duties. After asking the player to deliver Noriel flowers and finally requesting them to take him to Haldirith (Which irritates the Sentinels living there), Noriel coldly rejects him and turns him away, at which he finally consents to leave the Elves' land. He then establishes a temporary camp further south. Though his colleagues soon become uneasy about a growing Orc threat, Wynmar continues to daydream about the object of his affections, and is poisoned by a surprise strike from an Orc, which is in turn slain by Noriel, who had ironically come to apologize to him for her cold treatment of him earlier. Wynmar remarks he is happy that Noriel came, and finally succumbs to his wounds.

His colleagues then bury him at a spot in Thinglad. When the player comes to pay their respects to Wynmar, they run into Noriel, who later admits she had also felt love for the fallen Horse-rider.

Quest Involvement


  • Noriel and Wynmar's story resembles the Tale of Lúthien and Beren to some extent. Both couples are Elf and Man respectively, and have toiled through similar hardships (Lúthien, being the Half-Maia daughter of Thingol and Melian and Princess of Doriath, was not allowed to wed a man. Wynmar was mortal and thus could not hope to be with an Elf.), and other parties keeping them apart (Noriel's colleagues and notably Noriel herself discouraged her from pursuing a romance, especially with mortals. Wynmar's Men disapproved of his love for Noriel and claimed she had enchanted him with Elf-Magic), with the only difference being that while Lúthien freely admitted her love to Beren, Noriel put herself in denial, for fear of the tragic pain that will come from loving a Mortal, and realized her feelings only after Wynmar had passed.