Quest:Brace Yourselves

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Brace Yourselves
Level 70
Type Solo
Starts with Rothulf
Starts at Thinglad
Start Region Great River
Map Ref [23.9S, 59.9W]
Quest Group Thinglad
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Wynmar does not even stir! We must prepare now, with or without his say. He will stir enough when Orc-swords run him through.

'There is much to do...barricades to reinforce, and swords and spears to sharpen. We will be lucky to survive the night, even if we can manage to prepare....'


The Orc-attack upon the Rohirrim-camp is now imminent, but preparations will hopefully help this small group of hunters and fishermen survive the assault.

Objective 1

Swords, spears, and barricades can be found around Wynmar's southern camp.

You should help the men of Stangard prepare for the imminent attack.

Rothulf: 'The Orc-attack is imminent. We must do what we can!'

Objective 2

  • Return to Rothulf

Rothulf is at Wynmar's camp in the south of Thinglad.

You should tell Rothulf that you have assisted with preparations for the imminent Orc-attack.

Rothulf: 'Thank you, <name>. With you here, I have hope...even with Wynmar in his bewitched state. And now we wait.'