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Level 70
Type Solo
Starts with  Foulmaw's Hide
Starts at Foul-maw's Den
Start Region The Great River
Ends with Limfind
Ends at Haldirith
End Region The Great River
Map Ref [21.4S, 63.5W]
Quest Group Thinglad
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

Foul-maw viciously attacked you during your adventures in Thinglad, and now you bear his great hide as a trophy of your battle.


During your travels in Thinglad, you have defeated a monstrous bear at his den. You now carry his hide and should show this to the Elves of Haldirith.

Objective 1

Limfind is in Haldirith.

You should bring the hide of Foul-maw to Limfind.

Limfind: 'Ah, <name>! I thought you looked somewhat shaken as you approached; anyone would be after being attacked by that great old bear.
'Foul-maw has fought and won many battles, and many creatures have lost their lives to his cruel temper, but I see he was wrong to pick a fight with you.'