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Image of Noriel
Role Combat
Gender Female
Race Elf
Level 75
Difficulty Signature
Morale 13,944
Power 1,077
Region The Great River
Area Thinglad
Map Ref [19.0S, 62.9W]


Noriel can be found at [19.0S, 62.9W]. Later you find her in Haldirith at [21.5S, 63.5W]. She is Sentinel of Thinglad, noted for her Steely resolve and exceptional aloofness.

When the player first meets her she is situated by the border between Thinglad and Lothlórien, and seeking to drive out recent incursions by Rohirrim Trespassers. After the player reveals themselves to Wynmar, the stubborn leader of the Rohirrim, the Elves are forced to aid them in searching for the missing Dunstan. Noriel aids the player in finding the missing Hunter, and later discovers him dead from arrows fired by Orcs. In the resulting Skirmish, Wynmar and his men reveal themselves and drive the intruders off, and Wynmar instantly becomes smitten by Noriel's beauty and skills as a warrior. Noriel kindly requests him to leave the Elves' land, which Wynmar relucantly agrees to. The next few quests involve Wynmar attempting to woo Noriel with flowers, even going as far as to call Thinglad "fair" in the face of its withered and morbid atmosphere.

When Wynmar, now driven by his longing for Noriel, requests the player to bring him to Haldirith and is brought there, angered Sentinels and Ninil attempt to bar the way, only for Noriel to show up. She coldly dismisses Wynmar, prompting him to declare his feelings of love towards her. Noriel hesitates a moment before brushing him off again. Wynmar finally decides to give up and leave Thinglad, with Ninil later remarking that "It is unfortunate that Noriel has no interest in such attentions, especially from one who is not Elf-kind.". When the Rohirrim are attacked at their newest camp, Noriel unexpectedly shows up and slays the Orc that poisoned Wynmar, having (ironically), wanted to apologize to him for being so short with him. With his dying breath, Wynmar then states he is happy that Noriel came.

The player later runs into Noriel when they pay their respects to Wynmar at his grave. She admits that she had been coercing herself in denial, and that she had also felt love for the fallen Horse-rider.

Quest Involvement


  • Noriel and Wynmar's story resembles the Tale of Lúthien and Beren to some extent. Both couples are Elf and Man respectively, and have toiled through similar hardships (Lúthien, being the Half-Maia daughter of Thingol and Melian and Princess of Doriath, was not allowed to wed a man. Wynmar was mortal and thus could not hope to be with an Elf.), and other parties keeping them apart (Noriel's colleagues and notably Noriel herself discouraged her from pursuing a romance, especially with mortals. Wynmar's Men disapproved of his love for Noriel and claimed she had enchanted him with Elf-Magic), with the only difference being that while Lúthien freely admitted her love to Beren, Noriel put herself in denial, for fear of the tragic pain that will come from loving a Mortal, and realized her feelings only after Wynmar had passed.