Quest:Mission: Into the Crystal Tunnels

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Mission: Into the Crystal Tunnels
Level Scaling
Type Solo
Repeatable Yes
Starts with Hórin
Starts at Annâk-khurfu (War Room)
Start Region Elderslade
Map Ref [32.8N, 61.2W]
Quest Group Mission: War of Three Peaks
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

Hórin: 'I have a new mission for you, <name>.
'The Gabil'akkâ has need for a new supply of pure beryl. We thought we had carried enough when we first journeyed from Skarháld, but such are the demands of war!
'You must travel to Skarháld and mine more pure beryl from the Crystal Tunnels! For the Gabil'akkâ!'


Brilliant gem-stones illuminate the Crystal Tunnels beneath Skarháld, but beware, for foes lurk in the shadows.

Objective 1

You have been tasked with mining pure beryl from the Crystal Tunnels beneath Skarháld.

You should talk to Hórin to travel to Skarháld.

Objective 2

  • Talk to Hórin

You have completed your mission.

You should talk to Hórin for your reward.

Hórin: 'This beryl shall do nicely, <name>!
'And it is even better that it has not fallen in the hands of goblins!'