Quest:Instance: The Prisoner of Sammath Baul

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Instance: The Prisoner of Sammath Baul
Level 50
Type Session Play
Starts with Laerdan's Journal
Starts at Laerdan's Chamber
Start Region Rivendell
Map Ref [29.6S, 3.3W]
Quest Group Vol. I. Book 14
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

The Prisoner of Sammath Baul
"In Sammath Baul, the Elf-lord was tormented, both in body and mind. Even Elves can only endure for so long, though Laerdan resisted to the last. When pain alone proved ineffective, Amarthiel turned to deception...."


The Elf Laerdan has been imprisoned in Sammath Baul, where he is kept under the watchful eye of the torturer Morven and her Angmarim bloodletters.

Objective 1

Morven is in the chamber on the upper floor of Sammath Baul.

Morven is waiting to give you your instructions.

Morven: 'I have an important assignment for you, Bloodletter; if you carry it out well, I might allow you your choice of the treasures from our latest captives. The Trév Gállorg may be poor, but sometimes they fashion things of great worth, and you might earn yourself a pretty bauble.
'I have received word that our Mistress will be coming to Sammath Baul to question the Elf Laerdan, and I want everything to run smoothly during her visit.
'The corpses in the tower have given rise to tremendous blood-leeches, and their filth and disease has been... distracting... for the rest of my servants. I want you to destroy the blood-leeches before the Mistress arrives.'

Objective 2

  • Clear vermin from Sammath Baul (0/8)

Blood-leeches can be found throughout the tower of Sammath Baul.

Morven has asked you to eradicate the blood-leeches that infest the tower in preparation for Amarthiel's visit to Sammath Baul.

Morven: 'If you delay any further, I will have you put to death, Bloodletter! Will you enjoy being bled by your fellows and thrown into a cell to rot out the last moments of your pitiful life?
'No? Then eliminate the blood-leeches from Sammath Baul and do it quickly! Our Mistress will be here soon!'
Laerdan says, "Your Mistress is wasting her time, Bloodletter!"
Laerdan says, "Long may the minstrels sing the defiance of Laerdan of Lindon!"
Clan Hunter says, "Someone save us! We have done nothing wrong."
Angmarim says, "It is enough you are Trév Gállorg! You will find no mercy here!"
Angmarim: 'These Trév Gállorg have been in Sammath Baul only a few days and already I tire of their wailing. Perhaps I will ask Morven if I may kill them.'
Angmarim: 'You are dealing with the blood-leeches? Pity. It is a pleasure to watch them feed on the corpses.
'Still, Morven's word is but one step removed from that of our Mistress; you are wise to obey.'
Angmarim: 'Lozudurkh has done little but sleep ever since he was assigned here, the fool. His failure at Annúminas is well-known.
'I would gut him myself, but it seems the Mistress has something in mind for him. Why else would she name him Key-master of the tower, when countless of her servants are more deserving?'

Objective 3

  • Talk to Morven

Morven is in the upper chamber of Sammath Baul.

You have cleared the blood-leeches from Sammath Baul, for the time being, and should report now to Morven on the top floor.

Angmarim: 'That useless Gorthorog! Ask Morven if I can do away with Lozudurkh, will you? His stench is drawing the blood-leeches.'
Angmarim: 'It is a shame that you had to destroy the blood-leeches, but they will be back. They breed from the corpses, you know.'
Angmarim: 'Morven has been given free reign to do as she will in Sammath Baul. If she allows it, these Trév Gállorg will not see the light of morning! I can hear their screams in my head already. Beautiful.'
Morven: 'You have cleared the tower of blood-leeches? You will go far, Bloodletter. Perhaps I will tell our Mistress of your dedication when she arrives.
'What? The Tarkrîp are all asleep, and Lozudurkh as well? I would never question our Mistress, but I do not understand why she would send such spineless sluggards to guard Sammath Baul. Surely, the bloodletters under my command are sufficient?
'Awaken all of the sleeping Tarkrîp and that useless Gorthorog as well! If he is to be Key-master he should be at his post outside the tower! Use your boot if necessary, Bloodletter.'

Objective 4

  • Awaken sleeping guards in Sammath Baul (0/8)

Tarkrîp Orcs and Losudurkh the Gorthorog can be found sleeping throughout Sammath Baul.

Morven has sent you to awaken Lozudurkh and all the sleeping Tarkrîp throughout the tower.

Morven says, "These Tarkrîp appear worthless, but the Mistress was very clear they can be used."
Laerdan says, "These Tarkrîp are the best guards your Mistress could find?"
Laerdan says, "The slugs would make better servants!"
Clan Hunter says, "Have mercy! You have to let us out of here!"
Angmarim says, "Go on with your task, Bloodletter. I will deal with these prisoners."
Angmarim: 'What is our Mistress thinking? Why assign Tarkrîp to this tower, instead of one of the more formidable tribes? Surely she has some plan.
'I do not know what it could be. Perhaps after I kill these prisoners, I will spend some time in contemplation of our Mistress's purposes.'
Angmarim: 'The Tarkrîp need to learn discipline. We could teach them something of it, you and I. Bleed some of them and kill the rest. The ones that remain will be more... vigilant.'
Angmarim: 'The Tarkrîp are worthless. Sammath Baul was better protected before they arrived! What could the Mistress possibly have in mind?'
Tarkrîp Poisoner says, "You're lucky to have the favour of the Lady, or I'd make you pay for this!"
Tarkrîp Poisoner says, "What's the idea, worm? Think you've got power, do you?"
Tarkrîp Poisoner says, "I should gut you for that, miserable cur!"
Tarkrîp Poisoner says, "You swine! I should have my boys teach you a lesson for that!"
Tarkrîp Poisoner says, "Your time is ending, Bloodletter. The Tarkrîp have been chosen by the Lady!"
Tarkrîp Poisoner says, "I won't forget this, Bloodletter. You won't always have her favour."
Tarkrîp Poisoner says, "Ssss! I wasn't sleeping! Don't tell the Lady!"
Lozudurkh says, "The guard house? I'm going. But don't let me see you when I come back, puny one."

Objective 5

  • Talk to Morven

Morven is on the upper floor to the tower.

You have awakened all the sleeping guards and should return now to Morven.

Angmarim: 'Maybe we will be lucky and Lozudurkh will not come back from his post.'
Morven: 'Our Mistress has arrived, Bloodletter! Since you have been of such use, I grant you this boon: to watch her interrogation of the Elf Laerdan. Some few of your brothers have also been given this great honour, that they too may be rewarded.'

Objective 6

  • Wait for Amarthiel to finish her interrogation

Amarthiel is interrogating the Elf Laerdan on the upper floor of Sammath Baul.

You have been given the great honour of watching Amarthiel interrogate the Elf Laerdan.

Morven says, "Let us watch the interrogation, Bloodletter. This should be amusing."
Morven says, "His will is strong, Mistress."
Amarthiel says, "Yes, we are fortunate."
Morven says, "Fortunate? I do not understand."
Amarthiel says, "It will make Laerdan a more useful pawn."
Narmeleth says, "Father..."
Laerdan says, "Narmeleth? My daughter, is that you?"
Laerdan says, "How can this be?"
Narmeleth says, "I do not have much time, father. I cannot resist her for long."
Narmeleth says, "Is Narchuil still hidden from them?"
Laerdan says, "Half they have found, pulling the location from my mind. I am sorry!"
Laerdan says, "But I have strengthened my resolve. They will never find the second half of Narchuil!"
Laerdan says, "My daughter, why do you cry?"
Narmeleth says, "It was the power of Narchuil that brought me under her spell, father."
Narmeleth says, "Only its power can free me from Amarthiel forever."
Narmeleth says, "But the ring lies sundered, broken in two."
Laerdan says, "Its power remains!"
Laerdan says, "If the two halves were brought together, I could reforge Narchuil!"
Laerdan says, "I could save you!"
Narmeleth says, "One half of the ring is being kept in the fastness of Barad Dúrgul."
Narmeleth says, "Perhaps one of your friends could retrieve it for you."
Narmeleth says, "But where lies the other half of Narchuil?"
Laerdan says, "Forochel! It is somewhere in Forochel, but I do not know where!"
Narmeleth says, "Thank you, father."
Amarthiel says, "So the other half of Narchuil is somewhere near the Icebay."
Morven says, "Mistress, I would be honoured to travel north in search of the ring."
Amarthiel says, "No Morven. I have need of you here. There are other --"
Morven says, "What is wrong Mistress?"
Amarthiel says, "Lozudurkh is dead. Laerdan's allies will be here soon."
Amarthiel says, "Prepare yourself, Morven. Your death will be of some use to Angmar."
Morven says, "Bloodletter, come here!"

Objective 7

  • Talk to Morven

Morven is in the chamber on the upper floor of Sammath Baul.

Amarthiel has finished her interrogation, and Morven now wishes to speak with you.

Morven: 'You heard our Mistress! Allies of the Elf will soon arrive to bring him to freedom.
'Return him at once to his cell, Bloodletter. We will not give his friends the pleasure of seeing him alive.'
Morven says, "Bring Laerdan back to his cell. You others, search these bodies for anything useful!'

Objective 8

  • Return Laerdan to his cell

Laerdan is in a state of thrall in the chamber on the upper floor of Sammath Baul.

Morven has commanded you to bring Laerdan back to his cell.

A loud crash echoes around the room
Morven says, "It is too late, Bloodletter! The Elf will die here, as will we!"
Morven says, "For Angmar and the Mistress!"