Quest:Chapter 1: The Heraldry of Lindon

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Chapter 1: The Heraldry of Lindon
Level 50
Type Solo or Fellowship
Starts with Golodir
Starts at Gath Forthnír
Start Region Angmar
Map Ref [10.8N, 24.0W]
Quest Group Vol. I. Book 14
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Alas, I know not where Laerdan's breastplate may lie. I do not recall him wearing it when we came to Gath Forthnír.

'There is one place you may look, but it is a terrible and dangerous place. When we first passed Rammas Deluon, we took refuge at a place called Dolendath in Imlad Balchorth. When the Dead arose, we fled and left much behind. Perhaps Laerdan's breastplate was among those belongings.

'If you wish to search Dolendath, you will find the entrance in Imlad Balchorth, to the south and west of Myrkworth. But beware the Dead!'

This quest is meant for a fellowship. If you choose to undertake this quest solo you will receive an inspiration bonus, but the challenge will be great.


Laerdan sent you to Gath Forthnír to reclaim his breastplate from the Ranger Golodir.

Objective 1

Dolendath is located in Imlad Balchorth, south and west of Myrkworth.

Golodir suggested that you may find Laerdan's breastplate at Dolendath, the place where Golodir's army first took refuge in Angmar.

Golodir: 'Laerdan's breastplate may lie within the confines of Dolendath in Imlad Balchorth, but you should beware...the Dead rule there now.'
Complete the Instance: The Heraldry of Lindon
Found Laerdan's breastplate
Golodir: 'I see you have found the breastplate, but it is in too poor condition to give to Laerdan now. Allow me to have one of the dwarves here repair it. I would consider it a gift to my friend.
'I will have it brought by one of our messengers to Esteldín and on to Rivendell.'