Quest:Instance: The Doom of the North

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Instance: The Doom of the North
Level 50
Type Solo or Fellowship
Repeatable Yes
Starts with Landscape
Starts at Mirobel
Start Region Eregion
Map Ref [52.5S, 17.7W]
Quest Group Vol. I. Book 14
Reflecting Pool Eregion Reflecting Pool
Reflecting Pool Trollshaws Reflecting Pool
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

The Doom of the North
"Angmar has gathered all they need to kindle the forges of Eregion. The Champions of Eriador must now travel to Mirobel and do whatever they must to foil the plans of Amarthiel...."


You have arrived near the ruins of Tham Mírdain, the Ring-forges of Eregion, where Amarthiel intends to reforge Narchuil. You must find the means to put an end to her plan.

Objective 1

You must find Amarthiel before she can reforge Narchuil.

A gravely wounded Laerdan lies at the base of the bridge

Objective 2

You have found Laerdan lying within the entrance to Tham Mírdain, gravely wounded. You should learn from him what happened.

Laerdan: 'I was a fool to be deceived so easily by Amarthiel, and it has led to this. There is hope, however, for she left me alive. Perhaps if she can be hindered from reforging Narchuil, Narmeleth may be reclaimed.
'To enter into Tham Mírdain you will need to defeat the Gorthorog who holds the keys to the forges. His name is Strok, and he is a mighty foe.
'Hurry, <name>, there is little time to lose!'
Laerdan says, "Uuh..."

Objective 3

  • Defeat the doorwarden, Strok

Laerdan instructed you to find and defeat the Gorthorog Strok, who bears the keys to Tham Mírdain.

Laerdan: Although gravely wounded, Laerdan still breathes shallowly.
Krahjarn Chief says, "Come on boys! Attack!"
Strok says, "Good, more bodies for the pile."
Strok says, "Let's hope you have more fight in you than Saruman's trash!"
Strok says, "Here's a gift for you, <name>."
Strok says, "Leave me, <name>."
Strok says, "I've failed the Mistress...."

Objective 4

  • Enter Tham Mírdain

You should use the keys you recovered from Strok to gain entry into Tham Mírdain.

Your Tham Mírdain Key fits the lock.
Entered Tham Mírdain

Objective 5

  • Find the Ring-forges of Tham Mírdain

You must find the Ring-forges of Tham Mírdain.

Angmarim Scout says, "Hurry you wretch, we must know what relics lie within!"
Angmarim Priestess says, "Have you still not found your missing slave?"
Angmarim Priestess says, "It'll be your back that gets the lash if you don't find him!"
Priestess Gráinne says, "The Mistress saw that you would come."
Priestess Gráinne says, "She said you have proven most resourceful in the past."
Priestess Gráinne says, "However, I fear that resourcefulness will not avail you this time...."
Priestess Gráinne says, "The Mistress was right...."
Discovered the Ring-forges of Tham Mírdain

Objective 6

You must confront Amarthiel at the Ring-forges of Tham Mírdain.

Amarthiel says, "You have sacrificed much to arrive here, <name>."
Amarthiel says, "Yet all of your efforts were for naught. You are too late."
Amarthiel says, "Narchuil has been forged anew."
Amarthiel says, "However, I do not wish to seem ungrateful."
Amarthiel says, "For you have proven a boon companion in all my labours."
Amarthiel says, "So I will allow you to be the first to fall before Narchuil reborn."
Amarthiel says, "Come now. Claim your reward."
Amarthiel says, "You have fought well, but it is time we end this."
Amarthiel says, "Behold the power of Narchuil reborn!"
A booming voice echoes, "Mistress Amarthiel, the true lord of Angmar requests your presence.
Mordrambor says, "Mistress Amarthiel, the true lord of Angmar requests your presence."
Amarthiel says, "Mordrambor? What madness is this?"
Amarthiel says, "Mordrambor, lord of Angmar? You seek above your station, fool!"
Amarthiel says, "Narchuil is mine once more and none shall stand against me!"
Mordrambor says, "Oh no, Mistress, thou does not take my meaning!"
Mordrambor says, "I spoke not of myself, but of another. As I said, Angmar's true lord bids thee to come before him."
Amarthiel says, "Speak plainly, Mordrambor, or I shall end your miserable life."
Mordrambor says, "Come then, Mistress. I will bring thee into my lord's presence and put an end to your questions."
Mordrambor says, "Let us first make certain this rabble dare not disturb us...."

Objective 7

Amarthiel was interrupted by the arrival of the Black Númenórean Mordrambor. You should follow them to learn what new evil has arisen.

Amarthiel says, "Now Mordrambor, you see the power of Narchuil!"
Amarthiel says, "Come, tell me: who is this "Master of Angmar" of whom you spoke?"
Mordrambor says, "Thou shalt see for thyself. Look to the skies!"
Mordrambor says, "Behold, the Master of Angmar!"
Amarthiel says, "Mordirith! How is this possible?"
Mordirith says, "Foolish Amarthiel, my spirit is bound to the Witch-king!"
Mordirith says, "It would take more than an Elf-sword wielded by a worthless Ranger to defeat me."
Mordirith says, "Although formless, my spirit remained in my master's service. In his dark city I was re-clothed."
Mordirith says, "I knelt before him, seeking both forgiveness and permission to exact my revenge."
Mordirith says, "He bid me wait, wishing to see how his realm fared under your command."
Mordirith says, "He was not pleased."
Mordirith says, "Seeing his growing displeasure, I entered into a pact with Mordrambor."
Mordirith says, "In return for his betrayal of you, I would permit him to take Narchuil for his own."
Mordirith says, "He readily agreed."
Mordirith says, "Now, Amarthiel, once Champion of Angmar, will you stand aside for Angmar's true lord?"
Amarthiel says, "Stand aside? Fool! See the power of Narhuil reborn!"
Mordirith says, "Your choice comes as no surprise to me."
Mordirith says, "Indeed the Witch-king foresees all things."
Mordirith says, "He knew regaining Narchuil would lead you into folly."
Mordirith says, "Narchuil is powerful, but it holds no sway over me."
Mordirith says, "My power flows from the Lord of the Nazgûl himself."
Mordirith says, "Now behold your undoing!"
Mordirith says, "Mordrambor, your prize awaits."
Mordrambor says, "Thank you, my lord."
Mordrambor says, "I have long awaited this day, Mistress."
Mordrambor says, "Allow me now to relieve thee of thy burden."
Mordrambor says, "Narchuil is mine!"
Mordirith says, "Good, my servant, now finish your task."
Mordirith says, "End her life!"
Mordrambor says, "As you command."
Laerdan says, "Stay your hand!"
Mordirith says, "Laerdan, I am surprised to see you here."
Mordirith says, "Have you not failed your daughter enough already?"
Laerdan says, "Your words have no power over me, Mordirith, for I know your true name."
Laerdan says, "I remember when your armies routed Angmar on the fields of Fornost."
Laerdan says, "I remember the brave king who foolishly rode forth to Minas Morgul and was lost."
Laerdan says, "I remember when you were called Ëarnur and were the Witch-king's most hated foe."
Mordirith says, "Silence! That name means nothing to me!"
Mordirith says, "Mordrambor! Take his voice!"
Mordrambor says, "With great pleasure, my lord."
Laerdan says, "You shall pay for what you have done to my daughter, beast."
Mordrambor says, "Ha! It is thou who hast met thy end!"
Laerdan says, "Narmeleth... only... Dúnachar...."
Amarthiel says, "Father!"
Mordirith says, "What a touching scene."
Mordirith says, "I could not have devised a more perfect punishment for you, Amarthiel."
Mordirith says, "I leave you now, hopeless and broken."
Mordirith says, "let us go, Mordrambor. Angmar awaits my return."
Amarthiel: Amarthiel pays you no mind, for her grief is all-consuming. Although she has suffered terribly at the hands of her former allies, she may yet pose a threat to the North. You must take her away as a prisoner of the Free Peoples and leave her to their mercy.