Quest:Instance: A Final Council

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Instance: A Final Council
Level 50
Type Solo
Starts with Glorfindel
Starts at Rivendell
Start Region Rivendell
Map Ref [30.1S, 3.1W]
Quest Group Vol. I. Book 15
Reflecting Pool Trollshaws Reflecting Pool
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

A Final Council
"Glorfindel, mightiest of Elf-lords, tests the heart of Narmeleth, seeking to learn if the spirit of Amarthiel has truly passed from her. If Narmeleth has indeed returned, her knowledge of Angmar may aid the Free Peoples in overthrowing the False King...."


Glorfindel has summoned you to a final council at which the fate of Narmeleth will be decided.

Objective 1

  • Attend the final council

Attend the final council.

Guard says, "Lord Glorfindel awaits you."
Glorfindel says, "I have been commanded by Master Elrond to hold council with you, Amarthiel, Champion of Angmar."
Glorfindel says, "You have lent great aid to the Rangers of Esteldín, but that has not cleared you of your previous offences."
Glorfindel says, "What have you to say? Why should you not be held here, where you may commit no more evil deeds?"
Narmeleth says, "I can offer only my own sorrow for my previous deeds."
Narmeleth says, "I am only Narmeleth. I reject the name Amarthiel and all that was done under that corrupt guise."
Glorfindel says, "And what would Narmeleth, Forge-maiden, ask of Master Elrond?"
Narmeleth says, "To be allowed to aid the Free Peoples in their fight against Angmar."
Narmeleth says, "To assist in the destruction of that which I created."
Narmeleth says, "The destruction of Narchuil and the fall of Mordirith are all that I seek."
Glorfindel says, "And how would you accomplish such a task?"
Glorfindel says, "The ring Narchuil is potent, but not strong enough to bring down one such as Mordirith."
Narmeleth says, "Not through the power of Narchuil, but all the strength that is left in me will I use to fight the enemy."
Glorfindel says, "Were you to recover Narchuil, you would be better equipped to dispatch your enemies."
Narmeleth says, "Were the power of Narchuil used to slay Mordirith, he would return, in time."
Narmeleth says, "Nay, I seek a final end for Mordirith and Narchuil alike, though I hold no hope for myself."
Glorfindel says, "I detect no lies in your speech, and I judge you to be true of heart."
Glorfindel says, "Though you have done much harm, I deem that it will be by your hand or none that Mordirith will find his doom."
Glorfindel says, "I release you under the protection of <name>, who will answer for all of your deeds."

Objective 2

Speak with Glorfindel to return to Rivendell.

Glorfindel: 'We must return to Rivendell, <name>.'
Accompanied Glorfindel to the final Council
Glorfindel: 'Are you ready to depart?'