Item:Gift Mathom

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Gift Mathom
  • Bind On Acquire
  • Item Level: 1
  • Consumed On Use
  • Reputation Item
  • Minimum Level 8
  • "This mathom was given to you as a gift by a Hobbit or Hobbit-friend whom you helped out in a time of need. Rumour says that the Mathom House in Michel Delving is always looking for new and unusual mathoms to add to their collection.

    Faction: The Mathom Society (700 points)

    Use this item to immediately gain reputation in this faction."
  • Worth: 20 Copper 

Drop Information

Gift mathoms bind on acquire and are rewards from quests, but Well-kept Mathoms drop from most humanoids level 35 and up as well as from mobs in the Barrow-downs in Bree-land and may be sent to other players, alts, or sold at auction. Undead and hillmen are likely to drop mathoms.

See also Mathom and Well-kept Mathom

Quest Information

Quest Location Region
[ 8] Eggs for Gammer Tunnelly Sandson's Farm The Shire
[ 8] Refurbishing the Town Hole Michel Delving The Shire
[ 9] Belco's Writ Tuckborough The Shire
[ 9] Confront the Old Took Great Smials The Shire
[ 9] Honey-bears Tookland The Shire
[ 9] Shore Up the Fence Tuckborough The Shire
[ 9] Tell Bounder Chubb Needlehole The Shire
[ 9] The Big Black Bear Overhill The Shire
[ 9] The Floating Log The Floating Log Inn The Shire
[ 9] The Green Dragon The Green Dragon The Shire
[10] A Bounder of Great Merit n/a The Shire
[10] A Taste for Pork Budgeford The Shire
[10] Fate of the Black Rider Budgeford The Shire
[10] Free the Tree Lob's Grove The Shire
[10] Long Live the Queen Overhill The Shire
[10] Lucky Sling-stone Overhill The Shire
[10] Many Happy Returns Frogmorton The Shire
[10] Prologue (Hobbit): Make Yourself Useful Bag End The Shire
[10] Rousting Ruffians Bamfurlong The Shire
[10] The End of the Matter Great Smials The Shire
[10] The Golden Perch The Golden Perch The Shire
[10] The Menace Confronted Budgeford The Shire
[10] The Trouble With Harvest-flies Budgeford The Shire
[10] Wolves in the Fields Budgeford The Shire
[11] Distant Dangers Brockenborings The Shire
[11] Flare for Danger Great Smials The Shire
[11] The Plough and Stars The Plough and Stars The Shire
[11] The Warg of Budgeford Abandoned Elf-camp The Shire
[11] Violet in Peril Bamfurlong The Shire
[12] Bears On the Greenfields Brockenborings The Shire
[12] My Grandson's Lunch Tuckborough The Shire
[12] Old Odo's Leaf-Farm Woodhall The Shire
[12] Prologue (Hobbit): The Quarry In Scary Scary The Shire
[12] Spiders in the Quarry Scary The Shire
[12] The Fate of Prunella Boffin Scary The Shire
[13] Restless Roost Scary The Shire
[13] Sheep Theft Greenfields The Shire
[30] Drying the Pipe-weed Northcotton Pipe-weed House Evendim
[30] Farmers' Bane Oatbarton Evendim
[30] Gathering Eggs Northcotton Bakery Evendim
[30] Gathering Flour Northcotton Bakery Evendim
[30] Gathering Jam Northcotton Bakery Evendim
[30] Gathering the Chickens Northcotton Animal Pens Evendim
[30] Gathering up the Equipment Longfurrow's House Evendim
[30] Gathering up the Sheep Northcotton Animal Pens Evendim
[30] Harvesting the Pipe-weed Northcotton Pipe-weed House Evendim
[30] Lights for the Market Longfurrow's House Evendim
[30] Mudding the Pigs Northcotton Animal Pens Evendim
[30] Northcotton Farm Oatbarton Evendim
[30] Northcotton Farmer's Market Northcotton Market Grounds Evendim
[30] Oats for the Westfarthing Oatbarton Evendim
[30] Planting Scarecrows Longfurrow's House Evendim
[30] Pulling Weeds Longfurrow's House Evendim
[30] Setting the Trap Oatbarton Evendim
[30] Sorting the Pipe-weed Northcotton Pipe-weed House Evendim
[31] Animals Tended Northcotton Animal Pens Evendim
[31] Chores Done Longfurrow's House Evendim
[31] Delivering the Pies Northcotton Bakery Evendim
[31] Dwaling's Plight Glass-blowers' Camp Evendim
[31] Feeding the Cows Northcotton Animal Pens Evendim
[31] Gathering Butter Northcotton Bakery Evendim
[31] Goblins and Spiders Glass-blowers' Camp Evendim
[31] Lost Dog Glass-blowers' Camp Evendim
[31] Planting Flowers Longfurrow's House Evendim
[31] Recovering the Lost Leaf Glass-blowers' Camp Evendim
[31] Sample the Pipe-weed Northcotton Pipe-weed House Evendim
[31] Sand for the Flame Glass-blowers' Camp Evendim
[31] The Goblins' Source Glass-blowers' Camp Evendim
[31] The Pipe-weed is Done Northcotton Pipe-weed House Evendim
[31] The Road is Clear Oatbarton Evendim
[32] A Bit of Sparkle Glass-blowers' Camp Evendim
[32] A Formal Complaint Glass-blowers' Camp Evendim
[32] A Little Touch of Red Glass-blowers' Camp Evendim
[32] A Shade of Blue Glass-blowers' Camp Evendim
[32] A Tinge of Green Glass-blowers' Camp Evendim
[32] Blower of Glass Glass-blowers' Camp Evendim
[32] Hobgoblin's Recipe Glass-blowers' Camp Evendim

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