Quest:The Warg of Budgeford

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The Warg of Budgeford
Level 11
Type Fellowship
Starts with Orthir
Starts at Abandoned Elf-camp
Start Region The Shire
Map Ref [33.4S, 66.1W]
Ends with Linda Bolger
Ends at Budgeford
End Region The Shire
Map Ref [31.4S, 65.6W]
Quest Group Shire
Quest Chain New Neighbours
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Even apart from his masters in Angmar, this Warg, Laugfût, is too dangerous to remain unhindered in this land. He has certainly asserted himself as the leader of the local wolf-pack, which means he has become an even greater threat.

'You should gather allies and seek him out among his pack. Put an end to this threat as quickly as possible. When the deed is done, you should speak with the hobbit, Linda Bolger.

'Laugfût will be a dangerous foe, but he cannot be allowed to remain so close to so many peaceful hobbits. He has already brought great fear to this land, and it is only the beginning of the harm he may cause.'


Orthir, the Elf encamped above Woodhall, revealed that the large wolf was, in fact, one of the great and evil Wargs of Angmar.

Objective 1

Laugfût can be found among the wolf-pack in the ruins east of Budgeford, beyond Milo and Linda Bolger's farm.

Linda Bolger sent you to show the collar to the Elves at Woodhall. Orthir revealed the identity of the mysterious wolf -- Laugfût, a Warg of Angmar -- and asked you to confront and slay the Warg-chieftain.

Orthir: 'You will find Laugfût at the heart of his pack, east of the town of Budgeford. Whether he is still under the yoke of Angmar or not, he is too dangerous to remain in the Shire.'
Linda Bolger: 'You are going to slay the leader of those dreadful wolves? Good luck, <name> -- it won't be a moment too soon!'
Milo Bolger: 'That Elf called it a Warg, did you say? That sounds terribly unpleasant. You'd best be careful -- he's in those ruins, and he won't be happy to see you!'
Defeated Laugfût

Objective 2

Linda Bolger is in Budgeford, on the road furthest down the hill.

Orthir told you to speak with Linda Bolger after you had slain Laugfût. Linda will be pleased to know that the threat of the Warg has been removed.

Milo Bolger: 'Capital job, <name>! You have struck a real blow against those no-good wolves, and one they won't soon forget! Hurry back to Budgeford and tell my Linda the good news. She'll be delighted!'
Orthir: 'You have done very well, my friend, for the Warg is no more. Whether its masters come looking for it need not concern us today. Concentrate for now on the good you have brought to this place.'
Linda Bolger: 'You slew that great, evil-looking wolf? That is wonderful! I hope you will accept this small token of my gratitude -- it's not much, but I am certain that you have saved Budgeford and the Shire from a terrible fate!'