Item:Eorlingas Iron-bound Lootbox

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Eorlingas Iron-bound Lootbox
  • Item Level: 1
  • Cooldown: 5s
  • Minimum Level 90
  • "Loot from this box can range from marks, potions or cosmetics all the way up to rare mounts and special gear. Locked boxes can be traded or sold and Sturdy Steel keys are required to unlock them. Sturdy Steel Keys can be found as drops from any creature in the world or on the Lotro store."
  • Vendor's Price: 1 Silver 32 Copper 
  • Worth: 33 Copper 

Item Information

This item was a very rare world drop from enemies between the levels of 90 and 99. However, this item is no longer obtainable this way.

This item can still be purchased from Dusty the Forgotten Box Vendor inside Lalia's Market in Bree. However, the Sturdy Steel Key required to open this item is no longer available in-game.

For further information, see Steel-bound Lootbox.


This lootbox will yield a combination of 1-3 of the following items :

(Supreme Essences (Item Level = 195, Minimum Level = 100) can also drop)

Consumables Crafting & Cosmetics Heritage Runes, Relics & Scrolls

 Sturdy Steel Key

15 Mithril Coin

5 +3% Attack Damage (30 min)

5 +5% Attack Damage (6 hours)

5 Scroll of Max Morale and Power (6 hours)

5 Scroll of Universal Crafting Lore

 Tome of Extraordinary Experience (Levels 1-10)

25 Dale-men's Cram

5 Rejuvenation Potions

 Universal Toolkit

 Pick a Mount

 Gate to Moria Painting

 Hooded Tattered Cloak

 Tattered Cloak

 Tattered Dress

 Tattered Hat

 Tattered Tunic & Trousers

 Relic Bundle

3 Combat Run Speed Boosts

5 Slayer and Skill Deed Boost (6 hours)

5 Soldier's Summoning

5 +10% Run Speed Boost (6 hours)

25 Vitreous Edhelharn Tokens

 Tracking Tome Box

 Tome of Tracking

5 Tome of Defence

 Tome of Continuing Mark Acquisition

5 Compendium of Middle-earth, Volume V

10 Universal Ingredient Pack

10 Legendary Fragment

 Ceremonial Singed Cloak

 Ceremonial Cloak of Mordirith's Bane

 Ceremonial Cloak of Shadow and Flame

 Ceremonial Cloak of the Ancient Ruins

 Scroll of Lesser Craft Acceleration

 Ceremonial Wig-feld

 Universal Solvent

 Anfalas Star-lit Crystal

 Elegant Heritage Rune of Legend

 Delicate Heritage Rune of Legend

 Flawed Symbol of Celebrimbor

 Legacy Tier Upgrade

5 Random Relic Pack

 Relic Removal Scroll

 Scroll of Combination

Jewellery Stat Tomes Tokens & Barter Items

 Tome of Agility 6

 Tome of Agility 7

 Tome of Agility 8

 Tome of Agility 9

 Tome of Agility 10

 Tome of Fate 6

 Tome of Fate 7

 Tome of Fate 8

 Tome of Fate 9

 Tome of Fate 10

 Tome of Might 6

 Tome of Might 7

 Tome of Might 8

 Tome of Might 9

 Tome of Might 10

 Tome of Vitality 6

 Tome of Vitality 7

 Tome of Vitality 8

 Tome of Vitality 9

 Tome of Vitality 10

 Tome of Will 6

 Tome of Will 7

 Tome of Will 8

 Tome of Will 9

 Tome of Will 10

225 Mark
 Sigil of Battle
 Greater Sigil of Battle