Item:Tome of Vitality 6 (Incomparable)

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Tome of Vitality 6
  • Item Level: 1
  • Consumed On Use
  • Barring Passive Skill: Vitality: Rank 6
  • Minimum Level 10
  • Requires: Agility: Rank 5
  • "Grants a permanent bonus to Vitality."

Item Information

This item grants the skill  Vitality: Rank 6

Acquisition Information

  • This is a very rare world drop
This item has a chance to drop from Classic Instances.

This item can be found inside the following:

 Isengard Tomes of Vitality Set
 Calenard-bound Lootboxes
 Khazâd-steelbound Lootboxes
 Riddermark-bound Lootboxes
 Eorlingas Iron-bound Lootboxes
 Unearthed Sacks

Alternate version  Tome of Vitality 6

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