Item:Steel-bound Lootbox

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Steel-bound Lootbox
  • Cooldown: 5s
  • "Loot from this box can range from marks, potions or cosmetics all the way up to rare mounts and special gear. Locked boxes can be traded or sold and Sturdy Steel keys are required to unlock them. Sturdy Steel Keys can be found as drops from any creature in the world or on the Lotro store."

Item Information

This is a general page with information that is shared by all variations of Steel-bound Lootboxes.

  • Traveller's and Adventurer's Lootboxes are a rare world drop, while the older Forgotten Boxes are purchasable from Dusty the Forgotten Box Vendor inside Lalia's Market in Bree for 1 Silver 32 Copper  each. Lootboxes are not Bound.
  • * Black Steel Keys and Sturdy Steel Keys are not interchangeable. If a box requires a Sturdy Steel Key a Black Steel Key will not open it, and vice versa.
* Standing Stone Games has released information about some of the items available in the game's Hobbit Presents and Lootboxes, so you have a better understanding of what can be obtained. The information below will change over time as items are changed, and the systems themselves are updated.


With the original Lootboxes, the level of the Lootbox determines the level of the items it yields. For the current Traveller's and Adventurer's Lootboxes, the player's level determines the level of the items yielded.

Level Bounties Key
10-19  Bronze-bound Lootbox  Sturdy Steel Key
20-29  Barrow-ironbound Lootbox  Sturdy Steel Key
30-39  Gold-bound Lootbox  Sturdy Steel Key
40-49  Dwarf-steelbound Lootbox  Sturdy Steel Key
50-59  Elf-steelbound Lootbox  Sturdy Steel Key
60-69  Khazâd-steelbound Lootbox  Sturdy Steel Key
70-79  Calenard-bound Lootbox  Sturdy Steel Key
80-89  Riddermark-bound Lootbox  Sturdy Steel Key
90-100  Eorlingas Iron-bound Lootbox  Sturdy Steel Key
100-105  Anórien Iron-bound Lootbox  Sturdy Steel Key
106-115  Gorgoroth Steel-bound Lootbox  Black Steel Key
20-140  Traveller's Steel-Bound Lootbox  Black Steel Key
131-140  Adventurer's Steel-bound Lootbox  Black Steel Key

Opening a Lootbox

Right-click a Sturdy Steel Key, Black Steel Key or a Lootbox and a dialogue window will be raised. Select which lootbox you wish to open, also if having just one box. Press "Apply" which will open yet another dialogue that asks you to verify your wish to unlock the lootbox, which will consume they key; press "yes" or "no".