Item:Dale-men's Cram

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Dale-men's Cram
  • Item Level: 1
  • Consumed On Use
  • On Use:
  • x1.5 In-Combat Power Regen
    x1.5 In-Combat Morale Regen
    x1.5 Non-Combat Power Regen
    x1.5 Non-Combat Morale Regen
  • Duration: 5m
  • Cooldown: 30s
  • "This food provides both in-combat and out-of-combat morale and power regeneration. The regeneration provided scales with your level."
  • LOTRO Store: varies LOTRO Point 

Item Information

This food offers 200% (2x) In-Combat Regen, not +200% (3x).

Store Information

The following amounts can be purchased in the LOTRO Store:

Drop Information

Can also be found inside Level Upgrade items:

 Gift of the Valar Item Pack
 Blessing of the Valar Item Pack
 Aria of the Valar Item Pack
 Valar Items Pack - 120
 Valar Items Pack - 130
 Valar Items Pack - 140
  • Note: Each item pack provides 25 of this item to your character.