High Sundergrót

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High Sundergrót
Level: 130
Size: Solo
Region: Wells of Langflood
Area: Floodfells
Location: [22.0N, 65.7W]
High Sundergrót
High Sundergrót

High Sundergrót is a quest instance, set on the top of the mountain of the dwarf complex at Sundergrót and accessed during the epic quest instance.

Built by Mótsog the traitor and the Greymauls as their primary stronghold in the First Age, Sundergrót, or Biriz-zahar, was the site of the great final battle between the Greymauls and the Longbeards. It was said, according to Longbeard tradition, that here Durin the Deathless himself smote Mótsog down with his axe, shattering the mighty cleft in the mountainside known today. The upper city has long since fallen into ruin, ravaged by weather and time, and populated only by stray wild beasts.