Cabed Rhimdath

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Cabed Rhimdath
Type: Pass
Region: Wells of Langflood
Area: Floodfells
Location: [25.9N, 62.5W]
Cabed Rhimdath
Cabed Rhimdath

The Cabed Rhimdath is a landmark in the Floodfells, in the Wells of Langflood. [25.9N, 62.5W]

The Cabed Rhimdath pass leads to the hidden village of Lyndelby. The way is steep, rocky, and choked with brambles in places, and is watched over by the Great Eagles who protect the holbytlan village.

The entrance to the pass begins after the ford[26.6N, 60.5W].



These deeds can be advanced by visiting the Cabed Rhimdath:



During the Bounty quests:

Plus one of the following: