Sunken Labyrinth

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Sunken Labyrinth
Level: 50 - 150
Size: Small Fellowship
Cluster: Ashes of Osgiliath
Region: Eastern Gondor
Area: Osgiliath Culverts
Location: [62.7S, 8.8W]
Sunken Labyrinth
Sunken Labyrinth

"Your search for Faramir leads you to the subterranean tunnels under Osgiliath, where he may have fled to escape an enraged fell beast. Shed light on the Ranger's disappearance by delving into the darkness."

The Sunken Labyrinth is a 3-man World Instance in the Osgiliath Culverts in Eastern Gondor.[62.7S, 8.8W]

Difficulty Level

This is a scaled instance, designed for a small fellowship (3 players) from level 50 and up.
It is available in the Instance Finder.

Estimated completion time is between 20-40 minutes.






These mobs are encountered within this instance:

Instance Overview

Walk-through and Tactics

  1. Despite the common perception, this instance is soloable, and can be easily run at level 50 with a high-level character
  2. The simplest way to get through the first fully-gated area, especially when solo, is to operate the levers (D in the diagram) through the west gate (A). Invoke your preferred keybindings for "select object" (nearest/next/previous), then "use". The "classic" or "traditional" way to open those gates is to run around and use the levers at points A, B, and C, but this is on a timer and will require multiple people, or some sort of speed buff (e.g. run coffee).
  3. In the next area, there are roaming Abomination Workers and Culvert-slugs roaming past the opening, pull and dispose of those. Just inside are Swarming Culvert-rats. After you clean out that area, go around the bend and you'll start encountering orcs, Abomination Archers and Abomination Warriors.
  4. The first boss, the troll abomination Dagron, is found at E. During the fight, an outlet will periodically randomly open somewhere in the maze of his room, and unless it is shut it will continue to spawn another wave of adds. Fight in the center(ish) and watch which direction the adds come from to know which direction to go to shut the outlet. The boss has terrible body odor, and is gaseous.
  5. After the boss at E, the levers at F must be worked to advance. The combination has been reported to be (counted from the left hand side) 4, then 2, alternatively 1, then 4.
  6. If you are on Ashes and Stars Chapter 2, there is a notebook at the camp at G which must be discovered to advance the quest.
  7. The final boss, the half-troll abomination Muzgásh, is at H. After defeating him, a mysterious ranger will run away. If you didn't find the notebook at G, the Ashes and Stars quest will not advance. If you leave the instance then go back inside and get the notebook, then once you reenter H you will again see the mysterious ranger run away. This time, when you leave the instance, the quest will advance.


The challenge requires you to kill 30 Culvert-slugs in 30 minutes.


All three Osgiliath Instances share their T1 and T2 loot pools. T2 Challenge Chests can yield additional items from the t2 pool.

Tier 1 Loot


Tier 2 Loot

Level 90 Tier 2 Loot

Level 100-105 Tier 2 Loot








Level 115 Tier 2 Loot

Level 100 Tier 2 Challenge Chest