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Type: Secret Road
Region: Moria
Area: Durin's Way
Location: [4.3S, 108.6W]


You will explore Zurr-thurkh in the Instance: The Secret Road with Orvar Bellhammer to gain acces to the Great Throne Room of Durin -- called Rushdurinul by the Dwarves, and Zabadgathol by the orcs. It now serves as Mazog's fortress.


Zurr-thurkh is reached by entering the cave Buzun-ghâr[4.3S, 108.6W] in Durin's Way and descending down, until the cave is lit with a red glowing light.
Follow the stone piece over the gap before you until you face Grawulun the Caerog, who is asleep. (You defeated him earlier in: Vol. 2, Book 7 -- Chapter 5: The Source of the Rot)
Go left before Grawulun and enter the hidden cave entrance of Zurr-thurkh.
The Secret Road, Zurr-thurkh, Connects the Throne of Durin with Durin's Way.

Quest Involvement

Vol. 2, Book 7 Chapter 8 -- Instance: The Secret Road


The following creatures are found within these borders:

Category Zurr-thurkh Creatures not found


This is the 'secret road' that was built as an escape passage from the Throne of Durin. No dwarf has walked it since the Fall of Moria.