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Category:Isengard: Nan Curunír Quests

Settlements, Areas and Landmarks of Nan Curunír
Settlements: Dagoras' CampIsengardOx-clan Merchant Camp
Areas: Isengard DepthsRing of Isengard
Landmarks: BarracksBlackmarch FortCircle of FangsDungeonsFang-rider's WarrenFâsh's CommandThe Gates of IsengardGuard-house of IsengardKitchensMorflak's CommandThe Pillar of the White HandQuickbeam's GroveThe Savage DensTower of OrthancWar Machines

Ox-clan Merchant Camp


Discovery: Instances of Isengard
The Armies of Isengard


Dagoras' Camp

The Savage Dens

* Gnashing Fangs
* Cunning Eyes
* A Rare Cut
* Not Cute at all - warg matron
* Recipe for Disaster
* Top Dog
* The Master of Beasts
* Captain of Fangs
* This is Not the Work of a Cook

* [75] The Gates of Isengard
* [75] Clearing the Way
* [75] Instance: The Gates of Isengard
* Seeds of Hope - Dagoras to Quickbeam

Quickbeam's Grove


Ox-clan Merchant Camp



  • Note: All Nan Curunír mobs have two buffs which pulse on and off. -- Frequently at the same time.
Aura of Protection - A green halo Skull (green)-icon.png which provides: Armour 1 (buff)-icon.png Protection's Effect
Aura of Deadly Damage - A red halo Skull (red)-icon.png which provides: Offence 1 (buff)-icon.png Deadly Damage's Effect

Above ground mobs

This effect will ultimately lead to Healing 1 (reflect)-icon.png Bloodied Fury as his morale approaches zero. This effort can be


* Aggressive Stance (Mob)-icon.png - The Isengard Goblin normally has the buff Aggressive Stance (Mob).
This effect frequently leads to an attempt at a Stunning Shield attack which will lead to a Stun effect. This attack can be interrupted.

Isengard Depths mobs

From Epic Quests and Instances