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Hi folks... I am crazed about world instances and raids. Just trying to help.... I am on Imladris. Thank you all for not writing instance walk throughs. Since the school season has started I have been BUSY. I have been doing jazz band and paino lessons, and swimming lessons, and tennis lessons, and drama club, and math team, and science team. I rarely get an oppertunity to log on.. Let alone doing an/a instance/raid. Forget about editing Lotro wiki...... I will be gone a while....

Well, seeing how everyone else is making a character chart I'll try.

Bronzesquire in the Axe-handler armor

Character Level Race Class Craft Favorite color
Bronzesquire 70 Man Champion Who needs a craft? Bronze
Quorin 40 Dwarf Guardian Armourer Indigo
Ruvorun 24 Elf Lore-master Explorer Burnt sienna
Mohallo 17 (fat) hobbit Warden Historian Lembas yellow