The Ancient Master

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The Ancient Master (Yellow line) is a Lore-master Trait Tree. The other two trait trees of this class are Keeper of Animals and Master of Nature's Fury.

The Ancient Master
Uses lore knowledge to hinder and confound foes.
A CC build with a wide range of debuffs and Power-restoring abilities for the Fellowship, using chains of harmful skills to enhance debuffs.
Skills Earned:
Test of Will-icon.png Test of Will
Insult to Injury: Burning Embers will deal bonus damage to Stunned Targets


These skills are acquired by spending trait points in the Ancient Master (yellow) trait tree. You can only obtain the Set skills if you specialize in this tree.

Active Skills Category Cooldown Range Source
Test of Will-icon.png Test of Will Damage + Stun 1m 40m Set: Initial skill
Fire-lore-icon.png Fire-lore Debuff ? 40m Trait: Fire-lore (Trait)-icon.png Fire-lore
Frost-lore-icon.png Frost-lore Debuff ? 40m Trait: Frost-lore (Trait)-icon.png Frost-lore
Storm-lore-icon.png Storm-lore AoE Stun 2m 5m Trait: Storm-lore (Trait)-icon.png Storm-lore
Warding Knowledge-icon.png Warding Knowledge AoE Debuff 45s Self Trait: Warding Knowledge-icon.png Warding Lore
Beacon of Hope (Trait)-icon.png Beacon of Hope AoE Heal 30s 25m Trait: Beacon of Hope (Trait)-icon.png Beacon of Hope
Share the Power - Fellowship-icon.png Share the Power - Fellowship AoE Power ? 25m Trait: Enough for Everyone-icon.png Enough for Everyone
Herb-lore-icon.png Herb-lore AoE Root 2m 40m Trait: Herb-lore-icon.png Herb-lore
Pleasant Breeze-icon.png Pleasant Breeze AoE Morale 10s 40m Trait: Pleasant Breeze (Trait)-icon.png Pleasant Breeze
Air-lore-icon.png Air-lore Buff Toggle 40m Trait: Air-lore-icon.png Air-lore
The Ancient Master (Skill)-icon.png The Ancient Master Buff 1m30s Self Trait: The Ancient Master (Trait)-icon.png The Ancient Master

Set Bonuses

Set Bonus Description Source
Warding Knowledge-icon.png Warding Lore You learn to use Warding Knowledge. Set: 5+ total ranks
Beacon of Hope (Trait)-icon.png Beacon of Hope Light of Hope becomes Beacon of Hope, which heals allies in an area around your target. Set: 10+ total ranks
Enough for Everyone-icon.png Enough for Everyone Grants the Skill: Share the Power - Fellowship Set: 15+ total ranks
Herb-lore-icon.png Herb-lore You learn to use Herb-lore. Set: 20+ total ranks
Air-lore-icon.png Air-lore You learn to use Air-lore. Set: 25+ total ranks
Advanced Knowledge of Cures-icon.png Advanced Knowledge of Cures Knowledge of Cures is now instant-cast. Set: 30+ total ranks
Force of Will-icon.png Force of Will

Your mastery of Lore makes your debuffs last longer.

Set: 35+ total ranks


Trait Description Source
Fire-lore (Trait)-icon.png Fire-lore Earns the skill: Fire-lore.
Improves the potency of Fire-lore's Melee Damage Debuff.
Trait: 0+ ranks
Frost-lore (Trait)-icon.png Frost-lore Earns the skill: Frost-lore.
Improves the potency of Frost-lore's Tactical Damage Debuff.
Trait: 0+ ranks
Storm-lore (Trait)-icon.png Storm-lore Earns the skill: Storm-lore.
Increases Lightning Damage per rank.
Trait: 0+ ranks
Mending Lore-icon.png Mending Lore Increases Outgoing Healing per Rank. At max rank, increases the Incoming Healing buff on Water-lore. Trait: 5+ ranks
Power of Knowledge (Trait)-icon.png Power of Knowledge Increases the Power restoration and damage from Power of Knowledge. Trait: 5+ ranks
Playing with Fire-icon.png Playing with Fire Adds unique debuffs when using a Fire, Frost, of Lightning skill on a target afflicted with Fire-lore. Trait: 10+ ranks
Out in the Cold-icon.png Out in the Cold Adds unique debuffs when using a Fire, Frost, or Lightning skill on a target afflicted with Frost-lore. Trait: 10+ ranks
Level-headed-icon.png Level-headed Decreases Power Cost of skills. Trait: 10+ ranks
Wild Fire-icon.png Wild Fire Using Wind-lore on an enemy afflicted by Fire-lore will spread the flames to nearby foes. Trait: 15+ ranks
Chill Wind-icon.png Chill Wind Using Wind-lore on an enemy afflicted by Frost-lore will spread the cold to nearby foes. Trait: 15+ ranks
Ancient Craft (Trait)-icon.png Ancient Craft Increases Armour Debuff of Ancient Craft
At third rank, Ancient Craft causes the first Lightning Skill to be used against a target to deal bonus damage.
At max rank, your armour is 5% more effective.
Trait: 15+ ranks
Flow of Power-icon.png Flow of Power Increases Power restoration by Power of Knowledge and Share the Power. Trait: 15+ ranks
Disable-icon.png Disable Increases Stun duration. Trait: 20+ ranks
Pleasant Breeze (Trait)-icon.png Pleasant Breeze Earns the skill: Pleasant Breeze.
A critical hit with Gust of Wind will allow you to direct a pleasant breeze to your allies, restoring some Power.
Trait: 20+ ranks
Quick Hands-icon.png Quick Hands Reduces duration of all Lore-master inductions. Trait: 25+ ranks
Firm Grasp-icon.png Firm Grasp Increases Breakout Grace Period on all crowd-control skills. Trait: 25+ ranks
The Ancient Master (Trait)-icon.png The Ancient Master Earns the skill: The Ancient Master. Trait: 30+ ranks
Enfeeble-icon.png Enfeeble The debuff strength of the following skills are doubled for the first 10s of their cast:
Ancient Craft
Sign of Power: See All Ends
Sign of Power: Command
Trait: 30+ ranks