Reodh Fuil

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Reodh Fuil
Type: Gates
Region: Forochel
Area: Jä-rannit
Location: [16.3N, 63.1W]
Reodh Fuil.jpg

Reodh Fuil is a landmark within Jä-rannit, in Forochel. [16.3N, 63.1W]

Just by the crossroads of the main road through Jä-rannit lie these ancient and well preserved gates. Once erected by dwarves they still mark the old road heading east past the Ironspan to Forodwaith beyond.

Recently, a large host of Angmarim have set up encampments by the gates and on the nearby hilltops. They are guarding the gates and also a smaller trail north of the camps that soon joins the old east-bound road.




These creatures are encountered at this location: