Rabbit (Cosmetic)

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Cosmetic Pet Index

A list of Rabbit cosmetic pets available and how to obtain them.

Item Skill Acquired from Barter Cost
Black Rabbit-icon.png Tome of the Black Rabbit Black Rabbit Radagast 20Rhosgobel Oak Leaf-icon.png Rhosgobel Oak Leaves
Brown Rabbit-icon.png Tome of the Brown Rabbit Brown Rabbit Bert Bartleby 5Token of Salutation-icon.png Bingo Badges
Pinto Rabbit-icon.png Tome of the Pinto Rabbit Pinto Rabbit Quartermaster (Rangers of Ithilien) (Kindred standing) 100East Gondor Silver Piece-icon.png East Gondor Silver Pieces
White Hare-icon.png Tome of the White Hare White Hare Alex Grey 75Yule Festival Token-icon.png Yule Festival Tokens
Yule Rabbit-icon.png Tome of the Yule Rabbit Yule Rabbit Stolen Sweets quest.
Yule Princess Bunny-icon.png Tome of the Yule Princess Bunny Yule Princess Bunny Alex Grey 30Festivity Token-icon.png Festivity Tokens
Woodland Rabbit-icon.png Tome of the Woodland Rabbit Woodland Rabbit Spring Rewards Vendor 25Spring Leaf-icon.png Spring Leaves