Quest:Unearthing Trouble

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Unearthing Trouble
Level 95
Type Solo
Starts with Quickbeam's Huorn
Starts at Landscape
Start Region Entwood
Map Ref [40.1S, 79.9W]
Ends with Quickbeam's Huorn
Ends at Remote Quest Advance
Quest Chain Fangorn
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

As you look around, you notice the earth beneath you has been violently disturbed. Before you can think on this further, a neeker-breeker burrows out from the ground under Quickbeam's Huorn and is almost immediately crushed by one its enormous roots.

The soil displaced by the neeker-breeker appears dry and lifeless. You should investigate disturbed earth and prevent them from causing harm to the forest floor.


Neeker-breekers have been digging under Fangorn Forest, loosening the soil and wreaking havoc on the trees above.

Objective 1

  • Search disturbed earth for Neeker-breekers (0/10)

Neeker-breekers can be found in northern Fangorn Forest.

Quickbeam's Huorn has asked for your aid in culling neeker-breekers before they can cause any more harm to the rich soil of the forest.

Searched disturbed earth for Neeker-breekers (10/10)

Objective 2

  • Talk to Quickbeam's Huorn

You have defeated many neeker-breekers and aided in preserving the forest's soil.

Huorn: Despite inadvertently revealing a number of roots, you have successfully culled the population of neeker-breekers back to a more reasonable level, and Quickbeam's Huorn appears far less agitated. Through your efforts, the soil of Fangorn Forest shall remain rich and give rise to new life.