Quest:Instance: Allies Unexpected

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Instance: Allies Unexpected
Level 95
Type Solo
Starts with Déorwine
Starts at The Great Hall of the Hornburg
Start Region Helm's Deep
Map Ref [63.9S, 89.5W]
Ends with Aragorn
Ends at Fords of Isen
End Region Westfold
Quest Chain Vol. III. Book 14
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

Allies Unexpected
"After a short rest, the company sets out for Isengard and finds the road greatly changed..."


Gandalf has unsettled business with Saruman, and the company rides with him to Isengard.

Objective 1

  • Talk to Aragorn on the road through the mysterious wood

Aragorn has turned back to hear your opinion of the mysterious wood through which the company now travels.

Aragorn: 'I hope you found rest before we set out, <name>. I tried to do so, but I could not quiet my roving mind, and I am still greatly fatigued. What will we find in Isengard?'
Aragorn looks from side to side at the towering trunks of the forest.
'These trees were not here when we arrived at Helm's Deep yesterday. I think we both know what brought them here, to the foot of the Dike, but that makes it no less frightening a sight, does it?'

Objective 2

  • Follow Aragorn through the mysterious wood
Aragorn says, "Do you sense it, <name>? A presence watches us from among the trees."
Gandalf says, "I do not think the trees bear us any ill-will, Aragorn."
Éomer says, "I hope you are right, Gandalf. I do not feel welcome among the trees!"
Gandalf says, "Well, we should not stray from the path, at any rate."
Gimli says, "You do not need to worry about that, Gandalf, we... Legolas, why are we stopping?"

Objective 3

  • Talk to Legolas on the road through the mysterious wood

Legolas has dismounted and is staring into the trees.

Legolas: ' <name>, wait! Do you hear that? I hear a great sound of creaking timbers and rustling branches. It comes this way!'
  • Learn what has caused Legolas to stop
Gimli says, "Legolas, what are you doing?"
Gimli says, "Come back!"
Legolas says, "Look! Among the trees!"
Théoden says, "What are those creatures?"
Gandalf says, "They are Ents, Théoden King, shepherds of the forest! Have you forgotten the tales of your youth?"

If you attempt to run ahead, Aragorn will warn you against doing so:

Aragorn says, "Do not go so far ahead without us, <name>!"
Aragorn says, "I would not leave the path, and neither should you."
Aragorn says, "Remain with us, <name>, for the safety of all!"
Aragorn says, "We should not leave the path!"

Objective 4

  • Talk to Théoden on the road through the mysterious wood

Théoden is on the road through the mysterious wood. He has never seen Ents before, and the sight has filled him with wonder.

Théoden: 'I never believed I would see such things, <name>. Ents! I am filled with wonder at the sight, wonder of a kind I thought was the sole reserve of children. I am an old man, a white-beard of many winters, and still I have seen things this day I would not have believed yesterday.
'They tower above mortal men, and cover such a span with each stride! What damage they could do to the homes of my people, if that was their thought! But I do not believe that is their desire.'
Théoden says, "Now I understand the meaning of this forest, Gandalf."
Théoden says, "I gave nary a thought to the Ents, not since I was a boy."
Théoden says, "Why would they help us now?"
Gandalf says, "You have more allies than you supposed, Théoden King."
Gandalf says, "Even among those you deemed no more than legend."

Objective 5

  • Talk to Gandalf on the road through the mysterious wood

Gandalf is on the road, waiting to proceed.

Gandalf: These Ents are herdsmen, not warriors. The people of Rohan need not fear them, as long as they cause no harm to their flock. There is one in this land that would have done well to heed the Ents before now; if he had heeded them the battle that is lately ended might have come to a different conclusion.
'It is good for Rohan, and for all free folk, that he did not take them into account. Let us proceed, <name>. There are still many miles to go before we reach Isengard.'

Objective 6

The company continues toward Isengard.

The Fords of Isen are a sad reminder of the good folk who fell in defence of Rohan

Objective 7

  • Talk to Aragorn beyond the Fords of Isen

Aragorn has slowed beyond the Fords. He wishes to speak with you.

Aragorn: 'Many good men fell at the Fords, but their kingdom still stands. We are almost to Isengard, and will bring report of their valiant sacrifice to the Wizard who forced its need.
'Let us rejoin our companions, <name>.'
Aragorn says, "You do not want them to deal with Saruman before we arrive, do you, <name>?"
Éomer says, "Do you hear that?"
Éomer says, "A horseman approaches from behind us, and at great speed!"

Objective 8

Éomer has heard a horseman approaching, and wants to speak with you.

Éomer: 'I hear the sound of swift hoof-beats approaching from behind us. Let us confront this rider before he overtakes us and offers some harm to the King!'
  • Ride with Éomer and confront the rider
Éomer says, "Ride with me, <name>, and we will learn if he be friend or foe!"
Éomer says, "Halt!"
Éomer says, "Who rides to Rohan?"
Hooded Rider says, "Rohan, you say? That is the land we seek, and with haste!"
Éomer says, "Rohan is ruled by Théoden King, and none enter that land without his leave."
Éomer says, "What is the meaning of your haste?"
Halbarad says, "I am Halbarad, Dúnedan of the North. We seek Aragorn, son of Arathorn."
Aragorn says, "And you have found him!"
Halbarad says, "Aragorn!"

Objective 9

Halbarad and the Grey Company have accomplished their mission, and Halbarad wants to speak with you.

Halbarad: 'It is good to see you again, <name>! I knew in my heart we would see you once more, but I did not think to find you in the company of my chieftain Aragorn! Much has happened since we parted, and little of it good, but we will need to speak of our respective deeds when there is time to breathe.
'We have found Aragorn between perils, it seems. He had your help for the first, and he has all of us for the second. May it be enough!'

Objective 10

Many of your friends among the Grey Company wish to speak with you before continuing on.

Golodir: 'We are well-met once again, <name>, but in hardship. I sought the treacherous leader of the Falcon Clan, but he gave me the slip and escaped into the mountains. He lives still the life of a coward.'
You tell Golodir that Lheu Brenin's flight brought him into your path, and he has been slain.
'You tell me true? Then he has paid for his crimes. He abandoned some of his own people when he fled, and we left them in a place of peace, where they should be safe. I worried that their former chieftain might seek them out and visit upon them further harm, but even Saruman's magic cannot help Lheu Brenin now. I am satisfied, <name>. Thank you, on behalf of my fallen kinsmen and also for those of his own people he betrayed.'
Calenglad: 'It was not a long goodbye after all, <name>, though the intervening days have been eventful. I think Halbarad keenly felt the burden of his duty after you left us, for he was not sure how best to proceed. But it seems he chose a-right, for we have found Aragorn as the words of Galadriel bade us.
'The sons of Elrond bear messages for him from their father, and Halbarad carries the gift of Arwen. I trust that Aragorn will know what to do with each of these gifts.'
Radanir: 'It seems you found Aragorn before we did, <name>. Perhaps we should have gone with you.'
Corunir: 'This is truly an unexpected encounter, <name>! I am glad to see you are well, and in the company of Aragorn, no less! Our errand has not ended, though its first goal be now accomplished. Now we must lend what aid we can to Aragorn.
'Is it true you take the road to Isengard? Whatever other objective Aragorn has with Saruman, we must add this one as well: the rescue of Lothrandir my kinsman, if he yet lives!'

Objective 11

  • Talk to Aragorn

Aragorn is speaking with Halbarad past the Fords of Isen.

Aragorn: 'Halbarad has given me much to think about, <name>. We have more reasons to converse with Saruman than I believed.'

Completed: Instance: Allies Unexpected

Aragorn: 'I feel confident that we can accomplish anything, <name>, now that my kinsmen are here. Can it be that the tides turn in our favour this day?'