Quest:Growth in Darkness

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Growth in Darkness
Level 95
Type Solo
Starts with Quickbeam's Huorn
Starts at Landscape
Start Region Entwood
Map Ref [41.9S, 80.5W]
Ends with Quickbeam's Huorn
Ends at Remote Quest Advance
Quest Chain Fangorn
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

As you wander through the middle of Fangorn Forest, you notice Quickbeam's Huorn picking up small objects from the ground nearby and stowing them on itself.

Upon closer inspection, you notice it has been gathering seed-pods from the forest floor, especially those that have fallen into the shadows.

You are not quite certain why Quickbeam's Huorn is collecting them, but you decide to aid in gathering seed-pods.


In the wake of death and decay permeating Fangorn Forest, Quickbeam's Huorn has taken up the task of dispersing fallen seeds.

Objective 1

  • Gather seed-pods from the forest floor (0/12)

Seed-pods can be found throughout central Fangorn Forest.

Quickbeam's Huorn has begun stowing away seed-pods to plant as you travel. You should aid in collecting them.

Objective 2

  • Give the seeds to Quickbeam's Huorn

Quickbeam's Huorn can be found at your side or can be called with your whistle.

You have gathered many seed-pods from the forest floor and should now give them to Quickbeam's Huorn.

Huorn: You pause to present the seed-pods to Quickbeam's Huorn. Unaware of any other means to deliver the seeds to your large companion, you tuck them into a notch in its trunk.
The Huorn shudders, hurling a seed-pod down to the nearby earth and then gently pats it into the soil.
Taking this as a sign that the Huorn will disperse the seed-pods itself, you decide to press on.